4 Ways You Have Coronary Heart Disease Risk – By Preventing What You Can, You Can Lower Your Risk Factors

When it comes to coronary heart disease risk, there are some things that simply can’t be prevented. For instance, you can’t really change who your parents are, what your family history is, and what your genetics are when it comes to coronary heart disease risk. However, there are some things that you can do to lower your risk factors. Today we’ll look at the four primary risk factors of having coronary heart disease and what, if anything, you can do to lower your risks.

1. Family History

When it comes to coronary heart disease risk, the greatest risk factor you have is your family history and your genetics. If a majority of your family has been diagnosed with coronary heart disease, the chances are very high that this will also affect you one day. Unfortunately there is nothing that you can do about your genetics when it comes to lowering your risk factors – but what you can do is work on lowering the other risk factors involved with coronary heart disease.

2. Smoking and Tobacco Use

One of the easiest ways you can lower your coronary heart disease risk is to stop smoking today or even limit your contact with second hand smoke. The stimulants, carcinogens, and other additives in cigarettes and tobacco actually work in conjunction with what coronary heart disease does to your body, which is constrict the arteries that distribute blood to your heart. As your arteries tighten up, your heart simply cannot get the blood that it requires to function properly. Even if you have been smoking or using tobacco for years, you can help you body today by stopping.

3. Too Much or Too LIttle Salt

Did you know that if you eat a fast food meal just twice in a week, you’ve given your body an entire week’s worth of salt? Having too much salt is just like smoking – it works on constricting, or tightening, your body’s arteries that supply blood to the heart. However, some folks take their salt intake to the other extreme where they do not get enough salt, and that’s equally unhealthy because your body needs salt to for vital functions. So by doing your best to get about a teaspoon of salt per day you’ll be doing your body a huge favor.

4. Too Many Fatty Foods

Another one of the coronary heart disease risk factors that you can control on your own and limit is your intake of fatty foods. When there are too many fatty foods in your system, your body simply cannot handle it. Not only does this mean that your body starts putting on fat cells, but it also means that cholesterol and other fats start building up in your arteries, constricting the blood flow to your heart. By limiting trans fats and saturated fats, you can actually encourage your body to work on absorbing some of the built up fat in your system.

By working on lowering these coronary heart disease risk factors, you can find that as you continue to practice these ideas and continue working on lowering your risks that you are going to feel healthier, happier, and be more active – so start lowering your risk factors today!