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5 accessories that you need in your car in 2014


Technology has changed the world as we know it; think about it, the internet has only been around for some thirty years; the mobile phone has been around for a slightly longer period etc. Truly technology has changed the way we live.

With this advantages that technology has hoisted upon mankind one disturbing issue that seems to be emerging is that the more tech savvy a society becomes the more morose a people get to be. In the context of this article think about the issue of using mobile phones whilst driving – any person would tell you that this is a boneheaded move but nay, daily the news inundates the public with yet another incident of some accident that is attributed to the driver using his/her mobile phone. This should not be common place.
Remember, technology is basically defined as the way we do things; advancing technology means that we have simplified how we perform a mundane task. It is for reasons like this that a number of aides exist to facilitate a user friendly experience whilst interacting with technologies such as mobile telephony whilst you are behind the wheel.
These are the 5 accessories that you need in your car in 2014:
Clip and Talk Bluetooth Visor Car Kit version 3+: The advantages of Bluetooth technology are obvious-file transfers; instant messaging and even voice traffic. The advertising tag that is used with regard to this product is stay safe, stay legal. Yes, with this device you are safe because your hands never leave the steering wheel and legal because you are not multi tasking (sic) whilst you are supposed to be driving. This product will cost you twenty pounds and it comes with a visor clip, a charging cable and car adapter.
Non slip cell phone Dashboard Mount Sticky Mat: That is a rather mouthy title for a product but the client knows the importance of this product. This dashboard pad has the advantage of being discrete in appearance; it does not require adhesive tools; is washable and replaceable and it is compatible with smart phones and Satellite Navigation Systems. It will cost you some seven dollars.
Smart phone in car windshield mount: As the name suggests this is a mount that is affixed to your screen and holds your smart phone. Retailing for just shy of thirteen dollars the benefits of this product are self evident.
Emergency battery chargers: The battery charger that works best for car use is the USB travel charger bundle connector head. You only need to connect on end of the charger to the car cigarette lighter and voila you have energy. This device retails for just a dollar.
Touch screen gloves: These gloves come in a one side fit and they are instrumental in case you operate a public vehicle. The gloves ensure that your Sat navigation system is not littered with a myriad of fingerprints across its interface a scenario that may compromise its functionality. These gloves retail for twenty dollars.
The above devices are the must have accessories for your car in the year 2014. You can consult any manual on the how to book dsa driving test (licensing) and be assured that you will not be in violation of any laws with the acquisition of these products

 5 accessories that you need in your car in 2014
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