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5 Advanced Computer Maintenance Tips to Maintain Optimal PC Health

Many of you must be bored of reading about program install, disk defragment, antivirus install, and other common computer maintenance tips. If you want to explore some advanced PC maintenance tips that are new to the PC world, then scroll through the article.

Tech geeks may recommend you to unplug your PC, remove the connecting cable from the socket and then plug-in back to fix some common tech issues. But is it all that you can do to ensure smooth PC functions? Well, the answer is No. There are a lot of things that can affect the computer speed, prevent PC parts from getting damaged, and ensure optimal PC health and performance. The average user may have enough knowledge about how to clean a dirty PC, but have you ever thought about finding answers to what is preventive maintenance? If no, then it is important to learn to prevent your computing devices from damages.

Since nobody enjoys using a slow computer, practicing the following tips can make your age-old device run faster and turn it to be more responsive:

1. Only Run the Essentials

It is true that computer hardware and software combine together to deliver an exceptional performance and speed, but running a lot of programs may change the scenario. If you want to speed up your system, then you will go for removing, deleting or uninstalling the extra/unwanted programs. You can also close the unnecessary application for that particular time to avoid screen lags, hangs and freezes. Limit open software to cut down distractions and get your work done quickly.

If a stubborn application is not getting closed and is making you annoyed, then kill it using the Task Manager by pressing ‘Ctrl+Alt+Del’ and selecting ‘Start Task Manager’ option. Even disabling essential startup items can bring a lot of catastrophic results so don’t kill any specific application, until you know for what purpose it has been installed.

2. Fluff Not Required

Sometimes, the retail store or the manufacturers may install some of the applications or PC parts that you may not like. It is important to clear out the preinstalled mess and to do the same; you’ll have to go to the Control Panel > Programs and Features and then uninstall them. You should always try not to remove the standard Microsoft software, paid software and the antivirus package. If you’re not sure about any particular software, then either search for software’s name before uninstalling or simply take a tech expert advice. Carefully check additional install prompts while installing any software to avoid extra software install or allowing malicious content accidently.

3. Safe and Simple Browsing

Current versions of popular browsers perform many tasks rather than just catering to the mere web surfing needs of the user. Undoubtedly, extensions and add-ons make your browser efficient and more functional, but they do open gates for the entry of malicious content, if not handled properly. Since extensions require additional resources apart from the standard browser requirements, you can disable them to speed up your computing experience.

• If you’re using Internet Explorer and Firefox, then go to Tools > Add-ons or Manage Add-ons and disable the ones you don’t need.

• Chrome users will have to right-click on the add-on icon and select the ‘Disable’ option to remove the add-on from the browser. You can also click on ‘Manage Extensions’ option to view the list of installed/enabled add-ons in one page.

4. Timing Your Antivirus Scans

You may think that running antivirus program is all about maintaining security and privacy of your device. It is true in some of the situations, but in other situations you will have to practice safe browsing, conduct regular virus scans, and call technicians to remove them completely. Experts claim that running scan jobs during peak hours will make your computing experience marginally safer, but it will seriously impact the system speed. Most antivirus support background task to scan new files, but you can arrange a manual scanning during the following slots:

• Workday hours- You can schedule a virus scan between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., if you have a different business purposes.

• Early evening- Arrange a virus scan between 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. or when you’re supposed to cook dinner

• Late night- You can arrange a scan between 1 a.m. to 4 a.m. or while you’re asleep.

5. Add a Physical Boost

If all of the above-mentioned tips aren’t helpful, then your last option is to upgrade the memory (RAM). RAM functions as a short-term memory and offers more space to your programs by loading the temporary data. You should seek tech expert’s advice to decide the appropriate PC parts for your PC and install a new or additional RAM to experience a performance boost.


Keeping your computer properly maintained doesn’t require any special efforts, but practicing some of the common computer maintenance tips can save hundreds of hard-earned dollars. Regular PC maintenance provides exceptional performance boost to your home, work, business, and gaming computers and also aims at reducing system crashing risks. It is not always recommended to ask for a technician’s help, whenever a PC denies responding, rather you should try some basic troubleshooting tips to fix the issue. You can also create a proper system maintenance schedule to ensure smooth PC activities and operations. Additionally, performing a little seasonal cleanup and conducting PC speed tests regularly helps in maintaining optimal PC health!

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