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5 Benefits of Having Network Security for Your Mom Business


Owning a business when you are a mom trying to support your children is a tough task in itself. Having network issues or a network that is not setup properly causes cyber intrusions to occur. This is troublesome given that all of your business information is stored in one place. An item to consider is switching to a cloud server. Following cloud computing security tips helps to keep your network secure and all of your information safe.

Dedicated Servers
Using cloud computing, a dedicated server is in place for your business files only. Only those with access to the data files will be able to gain entry into the database. It is important to only access this information using a secure connection. Open Wi-Fi connections from local businesses or other establishments puts your records in harm’s way and at risk for being compromised by outside entities.

Intrusion Alerts
Network security is important and should be kept up as best as possible. This means that you should have alerts set in place that will notify you, the web hosting company or the monitoring company if an outside intrusion is attempted. Many services offer cyber devices that will kick intruders off of the network and temporarily disable it while the source is located and stopped. This is a vital service to have.

 5 Benefits of Having Network Security for Your Mom Business

Lower Overall Cost
Network security is a small cost to a mom business owner. Consider it as an insurance policy of sorts that protects all of the vital information and systems necessary to successfully run your business. This small cost is a fraction of what it would be to have to completely rebuild a website, completely backup all work files and hire a technician to put security measures in place with monitoring services.

Less Risk of Outside Intrusion
When you have the right security features in place, the risk of intrusion or system failure is decreased by astronomical numbers. It is almost virtually impossible to penetrate a system with strong network security in place. For mom business owners, it is the same feeling of security that a home security alarm brings, which is priceless.

Data Security
Keeping business data safe is of the utmost importance as a business owner. Any leaking of information can be detrimental to the growth of your business and may lead to decreased revenues or complete revenue stoppage. Your trade secrets are yours, and no one else’s so it is important to keep these bits of information absolutely secure on a cloud server or other network.

Mom business owners tend to work harder as their duties as a mom are a full time job along with running the business. It is one less thing to worry about when you have the right network security and the proper network support system in place. Keep in mind that updates and changes to these systems have to take place from time-to-time but often do not disrupt day to day business at all since most of the work is done behind the scenes or after hours.

 5 Benefits of Having Network Security for Your Mom Business
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