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5 Best Charities to Donate to that Give Farm Animals

What better gift to give on behalf of someone at the holidays, birthdays or for yourself than a donation that allows the recipients pride, worth and responsibility upon receiving charity. Livestock can bring enjoyment, pride and companionship. That’s not even getting into the benefits of the great nutrition of eggs, and milk, and the other valuable products that can be traded like honey, and fiber.

These farm animal donations make a difference in the daily lives of many people who were struggling to get by. Many of the families receiving livestock pass on one or more of the animal’s offspring to other families who are in need in their community. These gifts multiply for years.

Here are some worldwide charities that donate farm animals, in no particular order. Making a donation is just a credit card away whatever the currency. Many of these charities also provide seeds, crops and the support, help and knowledge to farm them. Christmas gifts for charity make truly a great and easy gift for everyone on your list!

Oxfam Unwrapped (UK)

This famous UK based charity offers a number of reasonably priced animal charity packages that make wonderful gifts for you, your recipient and the family who you donate a goat, chickens, sheep or cows to. Every year, Oxfam assess the greatest need and shortages and decides what categories of donations gifts to offer based on the greatest need. All animals are bought locally to the area where they are to be distributed, so they are tolerant of climate.

The person you gift the donation to gets a printed gift card with a nice picture of the gift, or you can change the picture for a special occasion. There are a number of animal donation packages and just a donation sum is welcome too. There are also some short videos and stories that are lovely to see and read.

Livestock and animal care options to donate

· Share in a barnyard– This donation gets a share in donation chickens cows and sheep to needy families £5

· Share in a barnyardgift set– This donation gets a share in donation chickens cows and sheep to needy families, with battery-less cow flashlight for your gift recipient . Absolutely great for kids. £10

· Animal care– Donating to this program pays for vaccinations, medications and veterinary training locally to ensure donated animals stay healthy and productive. £17

· Give a goat or give a sheepto a family, for milk, breeding or wool £25 or buy a goat couple for £50

· Farmyard– This donation provides vouchers for locals who help with the charity and building work. In return for their labour, they get vouchers they can trade for vet checked local livestock. About ¼ of the vouchers go to the weak, elderly, carers and orphans £482

Heifer International (US)

“Heifer currently provides 28 types of animals to families in need in more than 50 countries, including the U.S.”

These alternative gifts you can give are a wonderful opportunity for families learn animal husbandry and self reliance at the same time. You can create a personalized card for the family member or friend on your gift list that your farm animal donation is on behalf of.

There are many farm animal donation packages ranging from $10 to give a share in a pig, sheep, goat or trio of rabbits , $20 will donate a flock of chicken, ducks or geese, $30 to donate a hive of honey bees, up to $250 to give a water buffalo, $500 to donate a cow and $850 for a Camel.

All the larger animals can be donated in $10 or 10% shares in some as well, so $50 donates 1/10th of a cow. It is amazing the range of diversity of these animals, not all are given to each location, some are in more need in certain parts of the world. There are larger animal charity gift options, like the Gift Ark or Milk Menagerie. Also seeds, produce, livestock gift baskets can start families farming. There are other educational and development packages up to $25,000 for companies that donate.

Christian Aid (UK)

At Present Aid , you can charitably donate farm animals for families in need of livestock. For £160 you can give two water buffaloes in India, and for a little less at £155 a donkey cart for Ghana helps a family farm. A gift of £31 gets a family in Bangladesh 24 flood-proof ducks. Other farm animal projects you can donate to include a unique Goat bank in Burundi (for £15 or £60) and donating wool-less sheep for food in the Amazon provides protein for the locals.

Chickens change lives too! Two chickens in Angola can be donated for £21. Can you believe these are changing the lives of the elderly there, selling eggs gives them the money to buy medicines. Ten chicks for a family in the poorest part of Bolivia, donated for £27, gives food, nutrition and the extra eggs sold in the community for money for other supplies.

Farming and caring for insects can even make a difference in the lives of poor families. Donate £113 to set up a butterfly farm in the Philippines, £12 to give a family a beehive in Bolivia, or £7 for a wormery in India.

With these charitable programs, you can see how much thought has gone into their selection and development. What perfect Christmas donation gifts they are for friends and family that are animal lovers, or raise their own bees, chickens or goats.

Practical Presents (UK)

Part of Practical Action, this charity offers many types of animal charity packages. They aim to help the poorest people throughout Africa, Asia and Latin America to raise themselves out of poverty. What better way than with their own livestock and the knowledge to care for their animals?

Your gift recipient who’s name the donation is made in, will receive an e-card they can print, which means donation to of livestock is a great last minute gift idea too.

Smaller gifts include Ducks to Bangladesh for £12, chicks to Zimbabwe families £14, donate a goat to Sudan or Bangladesh for just £20, or a herd for £120! These lifesavers are so cheap to us, but mean the world to their recipients. Bigger farm animals to donate are sheep to Bangladesh for a £45 donation. In the Peruvian Andes, alpacas can be given for transport and fibre for £86, or give a cow to a Bolivian family for £155. In the Sudan, the gift of a donkey (£55) and donkey cart (£230) are invaluable to ease the long treks for water and supplies.

World Vision (US)

World Vision has fifty-six options for giving farm animals. Definitely something for everyone on your list! Part shares, of big farm animals or individuals, flocks, herds, and combinations of smaller animals. Your donations starting at $16 can buy chickens, ducks, rabbits, goats, cows, pigs, sheep, alpacas, dairy cows, oxen and plough, bulls, and donkeys for families. Other more unusual donations are bees and beehives, and fish and the means to fishing.

Some of the gifts come with a plush animal as well of your gift recipient, and are lovely for kids, the $50 chick donation and a $100 goat were the donations. As always you can donate as much as you wish and there are many larger donation increments too.

Giving the “animal of the season” or “animal of the month” allows you to give an ongoing gift in the name of your family member or friend as many animals are gifted to needy families over the year.

How to Choose the Best Charity to Donate to

Don’t let trying to decide between these wonderful charities and organizations stall you into doing nothing. Picking any of these charities to donate towill change a families’ life for the better somewhere in the world, so go ahead.

If you don’t want to donate an animal, there are many other programs and Christmas giving charity options on their websites. Get all your Christmas shopping done in 20 minutes too! Thanks for reading!

Gallery image Goat Photo: James Ewen/Oxfam

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