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5 Best Fall Hikes in Washington

So far, summer comes with a lot of hot days and clear skies and this give a good compliment of perfect recipe for hiking. When it’s sweltering the best way you can end a hike is by watching or swimming in a water fall.
Here are 5 of Washington’s best and beautiful water falls hikes to enjoy.

Marymere Falls
The fall is located in the Olympic –north with a round trip of 2.0 miles and an elevation gain of 400’ to 1100’. The best visit of the fall is during summer. The fall is a friendly family hike with a great way to stretch your legs while you are driving across the Olympic Peninsula. The hike in this fall is just a one mile in and one mile out thus making it easier for just anyone. The Mary mere fall offers fantastic view, 90 feet of rushing water and thus giving plenty of spots to take some great pictures.

Bridal Veil Falls
The fall is located at Stevens Pass with a round trip of 5.0 miles and with an elevation gain of 800’.
The hike is perfect for kids as it is fairly level and takes you through 2nd growth forest. The place has tone of places to stop and play in the water.

Cedar falls
Cedar falls is located in North Cascades Highway with a road trip of 3.5 miles and elevation gain of 500’ to 3550’. This is a dramatic waterfall which is a two tiered cascade that makes a lot of noise especially during summer. Cedar fall is a great hike for botanist in the family because there is a variety of wildflowers line the trail.

Wallace Falls
The fall is located in Stevens Pass and has round trip of 5.5 miles with an elevation gain of 1200’ to 1500’. The Wallace falls is a photographer’s dream and is accessible almost all over the year which makes it dramatic with three tiered fall. The Wallace Falls State Park is also popular park that you will want to arrive early for the ideal and peaceful hike.

Cathedral Falls
The fall is located in mount St. Helen National Volcanic Monuments which is near Riffe Lake which is about 4 miles round. The only challenge is its location, since it inside the Mount St Helen Monuments. Once you discover the location, you will forget all about the eruption that makes the park famous. The hike usually follows the fairly flat terrain among old growth tree, streams and little brooks that seems to pop out of the hill side after hundred yard or so. The big payoff comes when you round the corner and witness a waterfall that looks like sugar pouring over a cliff and unlike most waterfall this one drop over a cavern allow hikers the rare opportunity to walk behind the falls. As you enjoy the dripping line of water of water at the edge of the cliff.

All international traveller who wish to visit and see these awesome falls, under the visa waiver program. These travellers will be required to fill an USA green card which is an enhanced security requirement and will be required to pay an administrative fee.

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