5 Camera Accessories Every Photographer Must Carry Along

The advent of social media sites has brought to fore the importance of quality photographs. Now, digital photographs are gaining a lot of importance and quality is appreciated over quantity. But, the thing is, one cannot shoot a high quality picture without a good DSLR camera.
However, the downside of owning a DSLR is to carry a lot of accessories around all the time. Professional photographers have to carry with them a wide range of lenses and other accessories to capture a perfect shot. As the DSLR fever is catching up, here are 5 camera accessories you must own to capture the perfect shot always!

  1. Camera Lenses : You will have to carry around a lot of lenses for different focal lengths and for capturing the best possible shot. The lenses are compact and fit in a carry case easily. For good quality zooms you’ll have to go for good camera lenses.
    Different lenses are suitable for different purposes and some are good for wildlife, night shots, underwater or high altitude. It is important to pick them on their special purpose and carry them with you.Camera Lenses
  2. Lens Cleaners : Once you have the lenses you need in place, cleaners are a must to invest on. Some lens cleaning pens are available now and they can reach even the trickiest corners of the lens and remove dust. You can remove oil stains, fingerprints and dust with the use of lens cleaners.The interesting part of a lens cleaners is that they are suitable for all cameras. You can buy them using ebay coupons and get a discount on your purchase. They are available on nearly all online shopping sites.
  3. Battery Chargers : Always keep battery chargers with you so that you don’t miss that incredible late-night shot. A sleek design is perfect for a battery charger and it should fit easily into your carry case. They must also be durable and should not crack under pressure.A safety timer will be very useful in a battery charger as this will indicate that the battery is fully charged. It also helps prevent overcharging of battery. Get yourself a good quality battery charger using shopclues coupons from CashKaro.com and save a lot of money on your purchase. You save money in the form of discounts with some added cashback.
    Battery Chargers
  4. Tripods : A shaky hand can ruin a perfect shot always. But with tripods you are always assured of getting a high quality picture, sans any blurs and distraction. There are minimum and maximum operating heights which you can set in tripods and it is very useful.The device also ensures that you have greater panning abilities and can cover a wide shot very well. Every photographer must own this accessory for sure.
  5. Camera Bags : The place where you stock all your important lenses and cleaners is the camera bag. Having one is very important for a photographer. They hold your accessories and are easy to carry around.
    Camera Bags

It is important that you opt for a bag that has specific pockets for holding specific accessories. Also make sure that the bags are lightweight. This is very important as a heavy bag can drag you down at crucial places.