5 cheap and simple ways to decorate your wedding reception

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Wedding reception must go perfectly. We all want to decorate our reception the way we always dreamt of. However, you may not check the expense in your dream what you face in reality. Here is a few ways of doing great decoration at reasonable rate.
Probably everyone starts dreaming his/ her wedding reception long ago the day arrives but when it’s the time you see how difficult and expensive matter this is. Reception may mean for a light hearted celebrationafter the wedding ceremonies are over but the arrangement is not a cake walk. Smart and timely preparationcan make great party at cheap rate. Here are ten easy ways to decorate receptions without burning a hole in your pocket.

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1. Set up the chairs – use creativity
Table -chair setting is the first thing to concentrate on. You can arrange them as you want, but make sure you are setting up enough chairs for the invited ones. Also, you don’t want to pay for empty chairs. So, first make your guest list ready and contact a reputed Chicago chair rental that provide as per your requirement. Rent beautiful linen covers for opulent sitting arrangement. For cheap yet beautiful arrangement, simply rent colorful ribbons and tie at the back of the chairs for exquisite outcome at minimum expense.

2. Light arrangement –Light up the place, light up the mood
Light can do wonder to a wedding reception. Candles are always cheap and an amazing item to add innovation in the décor. Put them in small glasses and carefully set up in the center of the table. Or simply float it in a bowl full of water. Float a few flowers or flower petals with the same. This creates an exoticenvironment by simple means. If you want to go strictly traditional add table lamps on the tables. Buy paper lanterns in a bulk, it will cost mush lesser. Make ceiling of Chinese lanterns – hang lanterns, the more the better. This will simply take the décor to a different level.
3. Floral decoration – with a twist!
Going with seasonal flowers will always be a priority. This not only saves money but also adds a very fresh feel inoverall party. Don’t overdone with floral arrangement – keep it simple and elegant. Arrange one or two in small glass vases for each table or simply place a bouquet on the table. Foran outdoor wedding reception give a little twist, replace flowers with colorful paper pompoms. In traditional weddings too you can apply the fresh idea for a sassy change. Rich color and fun filled pompoms will definitely attract a few eye balls with its striking and exclusive presence.
4. Table arrangement –Do out-of-the-box
Little experiment with table décor doesn’t cost you much. The couple can do it with colored glassware that perfectly complements your chair covers or entire decoration. Adding an escort card is needed. Hand-written ones are all-time classic. Involve an art college student for having carefully crafted escort card in your budget. If you love to keep things simple a nice table runner with a centerpiece will be all. Make sure you rent the tables from the same place you are having your Chicago chair rental. This canreduce the cost by a few bucks.
5. Make a picture corner –It’s classy and emotional too
Make a photo wall to display your wedding snaps. Probably most of your guests will love to see the wedding snaps. Select a few of them and couple up with a few pre-marital pictures (don’t get emotional and stuff all the snaps you ever had) to make a brief wall-magazine. You can simply collage them and create something that will say your story through pictures.
5 cheap and simple ways to decorate your wedding reception, Seekyt

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5 cheap and simple ways to decorate your wedding reception, Seekyt
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