5 Cool and Fun Skin Covers for Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire is the top of the line in the Kindle family and it is really cool. If you want to make your Kindle Fire even more awesome, check out these 5 cool and fun skin covers made just for Kindle Fire.

Unlike a standard case for the Kindle Fire, a skin is a fashion statement. It will prevent scratches to the Kindle’s body but a skin is not really a case. You will still want a protective case for carrying your e-reader around. A skin is just a way to add personality to your machine. To make a fun and cool fashion statement, check out these skins from Decalgirl.

Decalgirl is known for offering high quality skins that fit perfectly while adding bright color and classic designs to the exterior of your machine. A skin is a great way to make your Fire unique so that you will always know which one is yours, even in a crowd.


1. Wicked

WIth a black background fading to a beautiful purple color, this skin is subtle but really neat. The image depicts a heart sitting amongst some twisted plants. It’s both dark and feminine at the same time.

2. Library

Libray is a really neat concept for a Kindle Fire skin since it is an e-reader after all. The image is a huge bookshelf full of books complete with a ladder to get all the way to the top. Perfect for your new ‘book’.

3. Starry Night

For the art lovers out there, the Starry Night Kindle skin shows Van Gogh’s famous painting of the same name. The familiar sky twists and turns over a sleepy village in this impage and it will turn your Fire into a work of art.

4. Leopard

Bring out the animal with a leopard skin for your Kindle Fire. Animal prints are popular and this skin offers full coverage and a consistent design to literally transform your Fire’s metallic body into a bit cat.

5. Doodle Color

If you just want to have fun with your new skin the Doodle Color skin is all that. Reminiscent of a big doodle that you are started to color in, it is very colorful and artistic. This is a really fun skin to add personality to your machine.

Whichever skin you choose you will add plenty of color and personality to your Kindle Fire, and any of these 5 cool and fun skin covers for Kindle Fire will do the trick.