5 Daring Home Window and Door Design Ideas

Beautiful and unique designs in doors and windows can truly serve as a work of art for your home. They add functionality in style. They are beautifully crafted pieces that find a seamless fit into a wall and offer a breathtaking view of the outside world.

Designers from around the world have come up with some really unique designs. Here’s our pick of the five most daring window and door designs.

1. Weather Shield Door – This door is a Dutch masterpiece. Dutch doors have enjoyed a great place in the market for years not but the weather shield door is something entirely different. It comes with two functional panels wherein the lower half of the door has an in-built shelf. Even for little children, these shield doors work as a charm. And moreover, they are great for all kinds of weather temperatures. Since a weather shield door has operable panels, just leave the top panel open and bottom panel shut and enjoy the ventilation of fresh air. This door is available in beaded, raised and flat panel styles.

2. Light and Air Door – The light and air door is a simple home door design with an adventurous feel to it. It’s highly functional as the various holes that it comes equipped are excellent to breathe into your home all the fresh air and natural light that you desire. There is a knob which can be used to slide close the doors as and when you want. Hence, you can easily adjust the light, air and even noise infusion into your home. These light and air doors are available in different metal, wood and fabric materials. These doors are quiet amazingly a work of architectural wonder.

3. Bull’s Eye Window – The bull’s eye window is a round architectural marvel that draws inspiration from the Baroque tradition where round accent windows were famous. Have them installed in your hallway and enjoy the light that this window invites in. These window designs are available in different architectural styles such as French Eclectic, Shingle Style, and Colonial Revival.

4. Art Glass Window – The art glass windows are long and rectangular in size and can be placed really high in a room. These are excellent for both inviting the light in and maintaining privacy. Since these are designed artfully, the art glass windows add a beautiful visual to a room

5. Curtain Door – Curtain doors are unconventional and truly dramatic in look and design. These doors are complex in design – it contains a single pivot that conceals a counterweight, and various ball bearings and pulleys. The curtain doors are made from polished wooden boards. The door opens up in a similar way as a folding fan does and slowly gives way to welcome you inside.

So what are you waiting for? Go out and find these attractive door and window designs and select the ones that you think can really revamp the look of their home. In case you have of any doubts, feel free to send your queries below.