5 Dog Road Trip Tips You might not have Tried Yet

800 miles to Grandmas house.

All three of my dogs love to hit the open road and go on an adventure absolutely anywhere I will take them. Sadly, the excitement sometimes is overwhelming and I have picked up a few tricks along the way to make sure that they are always welcome anywhere we go. It is worth mentioning that my dogs are on the smaller side (all different breeds/mixes and all rescues) which is how I contain them in the backseat. Next time you are driving somewhere, ask them if they want to go for a ride in the car and make some nice memories.

Designated Area + Cargo Hold

I use the back seat as their area and first fill the foot wells with their gear and luggage. Next I install the Outward Hound Backseat Hammock Protector. I chose that one because it was inexpensive and then found out it works great. It also keeps my precious buddies from getting in the front seat every time I stop. 2 Rectangular Doggie Beds go on top of that along with a fleece throw.

Sneaky Hydration

I bring cut up vegetables to snack on to keep antioxidants in my body so I don’t get stiff driving. If your dogs like veggies like mine do this serves a dual purpose as cucumbers especially are really hydrating and my dogs don’t want to eat their food or drink water while we travel. They are also partial to carrots and snap peas although the water content is lower. At least I know they have something in their cute little bellies.

The Taste of Home

I fill some empty distilled water jugs with water from the Brita Pitcher at home so when we arrive at our destination they will have water that they are used to (yes, I give them filtered water). It used to make me so nervous when they would refuse to drink hotel tap water and bottled water at gas stations and convenience stores is pricey.

Uh Oh

Spot Shot. If you have not tried this and you have pets (or kids) (or yourself) give it a go. It works especially well on doggie piddle. Dogs who would rather explode that pee in their home sometimes have accidents in strange places. Also, staying in pet-friendly hotels can be confusing for them when they realize there is already potty on the carpet anyway. Throw a can in your luggage with a few paper towels and worry about “damages” no more!

Good Citizens / Good Manners

Poop Bags. Well-heeled dogs usually have the little canister attached to their lease but it runs out quickly when travelling. Any plastic bag you can knot closed will work. Hang on to any grocery sacks that miraculously did not tear, Subway sandwich bags, shopping bags from department stores etc. and fold them up or roll them. I have a plastic container with a bunch of them in the car at all times and rarely buy the little refill rolls anymore.

No kennels for best friends

Our dogs really want to go wherever we do (especially the kitchen, but also on vacation) so a little preparation can make all the difference. After a few road trips they will catch on when you start getting ready and make the anticipation of fun times that much sweeter. Also their grandma really wants to see them, even if she won’t admit it.

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