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5 Equipment Essentials for a Start-Up Catering Company

There are recommended 5 equipment essentials for a start-up catering company. Starting a catering company requires many types of equipment and tools, and these tools help cater to small to large events and improve functionality of staff and overall event. Sometimes the starting budget is tight, and the company may not need all of the equipment right away. Though, in order to provide company growth from scratch, these are the 5 types of equipment needed for a start-up catering company.


Utensils are the main essentials for a catering business. There are a variety of utensils to put on a list in order to build the foundation for the business. Some utensils that are a must have are knives, chopping boards, cookware, can openers, kitchen scales, and serving spoons. Aside from food preparation, there are safety utensils to help maintain food safety and a safe working environment. Those safety utensils are food thermometer, safety signs, and first aid kit.

Heavy equipment are also needed in order to transport, cook, and keep food in a safe temperature. Since catering companies are on the go, it is sometimes best to prepare the food first, and store them in insulated beverage containers, hot holding carriers, or insulated bags for cold goods. Having refridgeration is a must in order to keep food safe at the required temperature. Lastly, investing in food displays is a must because people are drawn to attractive displays. There are a variety of displays ranging from food bars to refrigerated displays.

Going along with food presentation, it is best to get a variety of crockery designs. Having a wide-variety of designs will help a company cater to a diverse crowd. There is the steelite whiteware which is more for casual dining whereas steelite decorated enhances food presentation. For something more durable and appealing, there are the Churchill Decorated and Arcopal. For something more multi-purpose, there are porcelain crockery that can be used for both serving and cooking since they are oven-safe.

To pair with proper crockery, it is also best to pick a variety of glassware. If a company is going to have open bars, there are specialty glassware for cocktails, such as shots glasses and brandy glasses. For beer, there are tumblers that are made with fully tempered glass. Lastly, there are elegant stemware for wine. For the servers or large groups, there are jugs and pitchers that pair well with glass drink ware. Glassware is not only for beverages. There are durable glassware for food preparation, such as Arcade and toughened bowls.

Lastly, staff members need to reflect high-quality standards as the products. The company must consider clothing standards to enhance business. There are professional and durable clothing for staff, such as the basic to superior jackets. A variety of trousers to match the jackets, and aprons, headware, and gloves that enhances safety and proper food handling procedures. In order to keep a steady flow of work without the risk of an injured staff member, there are professional unisex safety shoes that are dual density and made with real leather for durability.

When setting up, these are the recommended 5 equipment essentials for a start-up catering company. Getting utensils, heavy equipment, crockery, glassware, and clothing will help get a catering company get started on the right foot regardless of the starting budget. These recommended 5 equipment essentials for a start-up catering company also help cater to small to large events as well as enhance functionality of staff. Being a start-up catering company, it is important to source the catering equipment from an experienced catering equipment supplier such as WV Howe to ensure the best quality and reasonable prices.

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