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5 Essential Elements for Effective TV Advertising

When you have got an advert running on the tele it has got to be as effective as possible. What with all the other means of communication that folks have out there these days, it’s more vital than ever to be driving home your message when and where you are delivering it. Effective TV advertising comes down to five essential elements which we will explore thusly.

Taste: In order for you to have registered effective TV advertising your consumer must think you as the advertiser have a similar taste to theirs. It is important that you have empathy for your customer and their plight which would require them to need or want your product. Your advert must also remain tasteful for example not offending anyone with vulgar images or language.

Discounts: Maybe the biggest element in effective TV advertising which gets customers ears to perk up is the discount code; what is the value that this customer is going to get from your product and why should they even listen to the deal you are offering? If your customer sees your product on store shelves for varying amounts of money that is a turn off. Then they think that your product doesn’t command fair prices. However if your customers see that they are indeed getting some kind of an intrinsic value for purchasing this product through this specific advert, then that’s a real motivating factor. One of the best examples of that is the work done by Space City Productions and their direct to consumer advertising. One of the key influences on consumer behavior is all about prices, discounts, and whether or not they are receiving a true value for the money.

Celebrity: Another thing that tickles at the funny bone of many consumers are examples of the product they are using in the hands of celebrities. This type of celebrity seeding can draw massive results. Consider the people your son or daughter like. If these individuals were all wearing a particular brand of wristwatch or carrying a specific cell phone, don’t you think that children would want to emulate them? It’s no different for adults actually even though many of the products aren’t quite the same thing.

Reinforcement: How obvious is your advert that it’s about your product? If you see a soap commercial and the whole thing is hunky guys playing football or beautiful women sunbathing, you might have no idea what it was you just saw an advert for. Reinforcement of the brand throughout the production is key in making sure yours is a successful and effective TV advertising vehicle.
Knowledge: Your customers need to know why they are purchasing your product. You are not simply the maestro helping these shoppers find their way to your product. You are trying to engage your clients and get them to understand what separates your product from any other product out on the market. If your customer doesn’t understand the difference between your shiny poofs detergent and the bargain generic brand, why would they spend the extra money to buy your product? Unless of course your rich and colorful and knowledge laden effective TV advertising tells them exactly why.

You need to be something of a mind reader in order to really get across any type of effective TV advertising. You need to know what products your customer is buying, what they would like to be buying and just the right verbiage to get them into your stores and buying your companies product!

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