5 Exclusive Places You Should Visit In Italy

exclusive travel agencyIt’s no secret to most of us that Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Home to unique cities, from its northern gems to the southern beach destinations, this country has it all: from unique art scenes, to majestic churches and some of the most delicious cuisine. If you have never been to Italy, or you haven’t seen enough of it yet, then you should opt for some of its most exclusive destinations that will literally blow you away.


This city is certainly one of-its-kind. Home to romantic canals, Venice is a real Italian gem. Starting from a trip down the Grand Canal on one of the many waterbuses, to a tour around on the romantic gondola, this city will definitely surprise you. The magnificent San Marco square is one of the main attractions in Venice, and a place that Napoleon called ‘the drawing room of Europe’. Here you will be able to admire the majestic Basilica and the Clock Tower, while getting a chance to taste some of the regional food specialties.

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Considered one of the most romantic cities in the world, Rome certainly has it all. Starting from its glorious past: the rests of the Roman Empire are literally everywhere. You can go for a long walk around the Roman Forums and then head to the majestic Colosseum. The infinite numbers of glorious fountains, including the Trevi Fountain, and other art masterpieces, will literally blow you away.

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Florence is one of the most authentic Italian cities, where you will be able to find anything related to the Italian culture and art. Starting from its Uffizi Museum, to its majestic Ponte Vecchio, visiting Florence will make you discover a completely new world of glorious Italian past. Exploring the surroundings of the city is definitely worth it as well. In fact, Tuscany is one of the most beautiful Italian regions, where you will be able to discover the gourmet food, including truffles and olive oils, and the unique countryside. An exclusive travel agency will help you out by organizing a one-of-a kind tour around this region and elsewhere in Italy.

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This city is your top choice, in case you are looking for an ultimate shopping experience, while admiring some of Milan’s major sights, including the Duomo church. You can visit the Vittorio Emanuele Gallery or via Montenapoleone and discover the unique style of this Northern city.

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The name of Amalfi already says it all: this place is one of the most beautiful and unique in Italy. Home to stunning beaches, Amalfi combines the signs of the glorious Roman past with some of the best landscapes you will be able to find on the coast: clear blue waters and majestic mountains all around.

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