5 Free Online Backlink Checkers Overview

As companies can measure their success by the number of satisfied customers, websites´s progress is measured by the number of other websites linking to their own. What stands behind a backlink on the Net? A backlink is an indicator that someone has found something interesting in your website, something, worth sharing and now wants other users to admire his discovery. Therefore the more external backlinks you have the more contented users your website has.

So how should one check the backlinks to the website? Well, if the website belongs to you – you are free to use Google’s Webmaster Tools. In case you want to check up your competitor’s backlink profile – you’ll need to look for external help.

Backlink checking tools can be classified by different features – browser-based or desktop tools, free of charge and paid ones, those acting only as backlink checkers and those offering other website analysis opportunities. We’ve analyzed today’s market of free backlink checkers and have come up with a list of free online backlink checkers you might have never heard of before. You are sure to find them useful for your website´s backlink profile analysis.

1. Moonsearch


A free backlink checker and a website analyzer. Seems to soundly stress on its friendly interface and handiness.

Pros: provides an up-to-date list of backlinks along with anchor text, its own Moonrank, nofollow/dofollow, Alexa rank, presence in DMOZ, Yahoo; gives extensive domain information (IP address, description, location, provider); the website itself contains a list of top sites by their position in reputable rankings, by the number of visitors and by page rank.

Cons: lacks profound website statistics (as compared to the other websites on the list); some of additional features mentioned on the website are still in progress.

2. Backlinktest


A nice backlink checker available in German and English.

Pros: provides not only listed backlinks as they are, but also their IP. If Quick Check tick is unchecked you can also receive an exhaustive information on backlinks’ pages page ranks, Alexa ranks, follow/nofollow and a link text- gives a summary on the checked website with more detailed link statistics, other facts about the page you are checking (presence in DMOZ, Alexa rank, Wiki article, etc) and illustrative diagrams on the statistics- provides additional tools except for backlink checker; IP Checker and deadlink checker tools.

Cons: if you happen to uncheck the Quick Check option you will have to wait from 1 to 5 minutes while your request is being processed- abusive banner ads; Captcha code required before each page check.

3. Checkyourlinkpopularity


Serves as a backlink and website analysis tool designed by SEOprofiler.
Pros: along with a backlink list shows to which page of the website a each link goes, anchor text, nofollow/dofollow, shows the date on which the link was found; presents some deeper analytics like 5 most popular anchor texts, 5 strongest pages of the website- provides a list of keywords for which the website is ranked, the list of website’s competitors in the organic results and link influenced score calculated according to its own algorithmCons: navigation around the site is unclear and complicated. there is a bit of controversy in the name of this backlink checker. Although it says it’s a “FREE backlink checker” it turns out not to be exactly like that. Upon entering the name of a website into the input field checkyourlinkpopularity.com automatically redirects a user to SEOprofiler website which in its turn tells only first 10-15 backlinks are available for free – all the rest is to be shown upon payment

4. Ranksignals


This backlink checker looks like an icon of laconic brevity. It should get the highest mark for a website design indeed.Pros: a very friendly interface; offers an opportunity to download a free Quick SEO extension for Chrome. Upon the quick and simple download the extension instantly shows a page rank of the page, the number of total and unique extension, Alexa rank, Whois information, etc.Cons: the list of backlinks is compiled in a rather random and unsystematized manner5. Backlink checker by Smallseotools


The backlink checker belongs to a Small SEO Tools kit which also contains other free tools – article tools, domain tools, keyword tools, etc.Pros:the list of backlinks is accompanied by page rank of the linking website as well as page rank of the linking page (which usually is more important than the website’s PR); smallseotools.com provides a wide list of other tools important for SEO work – plagiarism checker, article rewriter, keyword position tool, link tracker, etc.Cons:– each query takes a bit too long to be processed (up to 1 minute); abusive banner ads and a messy interfaceConsidering all pros and cons of each tool you can find the one that suits you most. Just don’t forget each tool has its own algorithm of tracking websites’ backlinks as well as regularity with which its database is updated. Using several backlink checkers will produce more accurate results.