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5 Great Homework Habits That Work



Homework plays a very important role in a student’s life. In the early stages of education, homework helps develop a sense of responsibility in children. Assigning children with regular homework not only improves their understanding of the subject but also makes them independent. They learn to manage time, juggling between homework and after school activities.
Parents must help children develop healthy homework habits so that they do not feel overburdened after school. Here are a few tips to develop great homework habits that work:

• Cut down After-school activities

A lot many things crammed in a day’s schedule often make children tired and restless. Some parents feel it is necessary to keep their child busy throughout the day and thus engage them in a variety of classes after school. This will only make the child more tired and he will not be able to concentrate on any particular activity.
The first step towards developing healthy homework habits in children is to cut down on some extra activities which are not necessary. Make sure, the child has enough time between homework and other activities where he can relax and play.

• Get into a routine

Some children tend to get very hungry after school and need a snack before they begin with their homework, while some get extremely tired after school and need a nap or play-time. There are other kids who prefer to finish their homework as soon as they return from school and then go about their other activities.
Parents must find out what works for their children and make it a routine. It is important for a child to know that he is expected to do his homework every day at the designated time.

• Make homework a way of life than a task

If children are forced into doing their homework, they will often end up feeling that it is a task. Make homework a fun experience for them. Relate it to their daily life by giving examples. For example, if your child is learning about gravity, conduct the apple experiment at home and show him that the things he learns are related to his life.

• Schedule Breaks

Taking breaks is very necessary in order to improve concentration. Allow your child to take short breaks between his homework schedules. You can make him a small snack or some fruit juice which will rejuvenate him. Letting him play with pets or taking him on a short walk might also help him concentrate.

• Revise what you have learnt

Revision is a very important part of study. By doing homework regularly, children get a review of what has been done at school. Parents must assist their children during homework and ensure that their children understand the subject thoroughly.


For most children, homework is a big burden which they have to carry every day. These above mentioned steps will help children look at homework as a fun learning experience. By setting a few rules and developing a homework schedule, parents can help children enjoy their homework.

 5 Great Homework Habits That Work
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