5 Great Places for Live Music in Austin

Everyone knows that Austin is all about the live music and that is a given fact. There are many great places in Austin where you can go to get what you need and have that live music fix that you really want. Austin is a great area for this so be sure that you are taking the time to find the venues you want to visit and find the places where you can sit down, have a drink and listen to some great tunes. You’ll find that Austin has a large music scene that you can listen to all different types. Be on the lookout for magnetic signs Austin companies make that tell you what is what for the night.

Key Bar

If you love bars that have an outdoor set up, you need to check this place out. They generally will have magnetic signs that Austin companies have made them hanging out front telling you the specials for the night. When it comes to live music, you will get that there on Wednesday nights and they have all kinds of other fun events, most of them include live music.

The Backyard

What you will find with The Backyard is that they are actually trying to simulate a backyard area and make it work. With the Backyard, it is basically an outdoor amphitheatre to see some great live acts at. You want to be careful, traffic can be bad, so make sure that you go early so that you can avoid the traffic that may build up there and cause you to be late to your show.

Saxon Pub

This is a great location for live music. It is a very small bar, which means that it is very intimate, in fact sometimes you can miss it. They could probably use one of those magnetic signs Austin companies make so that people know they are there. They have some great live music and they have some great beer and food specials. Be sure that you are checking it out and listen to some great sets of music.

Club 1808

If you are looking for a great place with a live music scene, you will find that Club 1808 has made its mark on that scene and is going to be a great place to check out live music. Maybe they’ve taken advantage of marketing techniques like magnetic signs Austin companies make or maybe they are just growing by word of mouth.

Paramount Theatre

Aside from being a great drive-in theatre, this place has a lot of live music that comes through it. It is a great location to head to and catch some music that you are really going to enjoy. Generally, they have more of the nation headlining tours come through here, but your occasional local band may play here too. Be sure that you are checking these out to see which ones are going to catch your attention and watch some shows there.