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5 Great Reasons Behind The Unexpected Boost In Online Shopping


The average yearly spending of Indians on online shopping is anticipated to increase 67% or Rs. 10,000 this year, according to a study. However, about 40 million consumers brought something online in 2014, and the number is expected to grow to about 65 million by 2015. In addition, the overall online business industry, appreciated at $17 billion, has been increasing at a compounded yearly growth rate of about 35% each year, and adding that it is projected to cross the $100 billion mark in 5 years.
The trend of Online Shopping is growing day by day, and top reasons behind this are listed below:

• Search For What You Want
Online buying provides a much easier way to search for what buyers exactly want at the click of a button. In addition, the customer data gathered from online searches provide great insights into what online purchasers want. Remember, this data is very useful and allowing buyers to jump on the latest fashions and fill gaps in their existing ranges.

• Availability Of Broad Product Mix
When people buy online, they find that there plenty of choices available to them than if they focused their product searches only on items available in their street or local markets. That is because store buyers have to decide about what products to carry in their shops, and these decisions are impacted by shelf- space constraints and local market demand.

• Easy Price Comparisons
Buyers can compare products with their prices quickly that is another positive part of online shopping. In physical stores, you often have to pay the price that you see on items as you are not going to drive across the city or market to see if the same item is cheaper anywhere else. But, the comparisons are just a click away with online shopping.

• Easy To Buy
Generally, most of the items or products not sold in physical stores. But, you will meet most of the items in online stores comfortably. In addition, shipping is free and someone drives the purchased items in the house. Keep In mind, online shopping is for you if you don’t like to go out in bad weather or don’t feel like fighting with traffic. You can shop from your office, home or any other place where you have access to a laptop, computer or Smartphone and Internet connection.

• Buyer’s Reviews
One more big reason why more and more people are buying things online is the reviews. Online stores allow customers to leave reviews and testimonials after buying products. You can read these reviews and learn everything that you need to know before you buy online in order that you really make a great decision.

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 5 Great Reasons Behind The Unexpected Boost In Online Shopping
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