News 5 Great Tips To Buy Comfortable Sandals

5 Great Tips To Buy Comfortable Sandals


Sandal season is here that means it’s time to buy your much loved pair of open-toe footwear. If you need a new pair of sandals, make sure you purchase a pair that will keep your feet from aching. Five best tips for buying the right pair of sandals are provided below.

 5 Great Tips To Buy Comfortable Sandals

1). Find The Right Fit

When it comes to getting the footwear, then how well they fit is the key factor. Keep in mind that the foot must be smaller than the sole of the sandal as well as not hang over the front, sides and back. Besides, you need to ensure the toe box is big enough to have room for the widest part of the foot.

2). Go For The Best Quality Materials

Comfortable sandals are made of high-quality materials and suede, leather or fabric straps allow your feet to breathe and prevent blistering. In addition, straps made from polyurethane and nylon webbing is best for water activities. Top soles, outsoles and midsoles are made from materials like ethylene-vinyl acetate, memory foam and durable rubbers and give more support and protection.

3). Arch Support

You always want to buy quality footwear with sufficient foot support. Many economically made sandals are a bit more than fabric and cardboard, which can put unnecessary stress on your feet. If you are going to wear your sandals regularly, then make sure that you buy a pair that supports your feet and keeps them comfortable as well.

4). Look At The Design And Placement Of Straps

Badly placed straps can cause annoyance, swelling, and even hard skins. So, sandals with back straps provide the most comfortable and secure fit. You should avoid straps that rub against the top of the foot, around the ankle and between the toes. In addition, straps lined with soft leather prevent chafing. Look for seam design components that may rub into feet and cause ache.

5). Check For Cushioning

A sandal must provide ample cushioning for the heel and ball of the foot. Search for sandals with mid soles made from high-quality foam. Just press a finger into the foam where the ball and the heel of the foot rest. Remember, the sandals may not offer enough cushioning if there is too much provide in these areas.

 5 Great Tips To Buy Comfortable Sandals

Before you buy sandals from a physical store or a men and women’s footwear online India store, you must do dome research. Online reviews can provide good insight into how durable or reasonably made the sandals are.

 5 Great Tips To Buy Comfortable Sandals
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