5 Great Ways To Survive Thrive Unemployment

Unemployment survival tips can be a lifesaver for some during times of unemployment. Unemployment is hard on everyone but you can not only survive, but thrive with these unemployment survival tips. Now that you lost your job at FedEx or the MicroSoft Store, what do you do until you find another job. Even though your cash flow is interrupted, the financial demands of a family don’t stop. Even if you’re single, you still need food, clothing, and shelter. Not to mention the cost of maintenance on a vehicle and a dwelling. The need for health insurance also has to be considered, especially if you have a family. Here are some unemployment survival tips that you can use to help make this a time to survive and to thrive.

Eat Like A king

Shopping for food is a challenge in the best of times and unemployment makes it even more difficult. Food prices seem like they’re always going higher and higher but you can get around that by using coupons, growing a garden and/or buying “store brands.” There is also the possibility of joining a food co-op, where the cost, labor, and food of a “community” garden are shared. You should also consider buying in bulk because bulk is usually cheaper. Do this and you could eat like a king.

Go to the Head of the Class

Taking adult education classes at schools like ITT Tech, Devry, or Capella to build up your skills is a great way to overcome unemployment. Continuing education is a must at all levels employment. Now might be the time for you follow through if you’re in a position to take classes toward your Masters Degree. You can take classes at local schools and online. More and more people are taking advantage of the opportunity to further their education to thrive in unemployment.

Power Dressing on a Budget

When it comes to getting clothes during times of unemployment, maintaining the clothes you already have could payoff for you. Do simple sewing and/or let the waist out in your Dockers and start wearing those garments again. Another tip is to borrow a jacket or scarf from a buddy or girl friend to round out an outfit. Do the buy one get one free sales at stores like Penney’s, Joseph Banks, and Men’s Wearhouse whenever you can find them. Another way to power dress on a budget is to have shoes resoled and shined.

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Coming In | Close Your Eyes!

Where to live when you’re unemployed might be dictated by your circumstances. If you have enough money in savings to stay in your current place, you could do that or you could consider “down-sizing.” Sharing a place with someone else or with a group of people can cut cost considerably and help you survive and thrive. If you choose to share the rent with others, you should be on time when it’s time to pay the rent and expect the same from your roommates.


Then there’s always the dreaded move back home to mom and dad. If it comes to this, show mom and dad some love by helping out around the house and paying “rent” if possible. These unemployment survival tips could be just what you need to help cut cost and survive and thrive until you get that new job.