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5 Healthy Alternatives For Your Junk Food Cravings

So, you’ve started a new healthy lifestyle, or maybe you’ve been working out for a while and still get those junk food cravings. Maybe you have a particular unhealthy food craving that simply won’t go away. We have just the thing for you! We’ll list a few of the most popular junk foods as well as healthy alternatives that taste just as good!

Eating well is very important, but before you try another weight loss program, consider that there are many other approaches that can help you lose weight. However, there are also practical things that you must remember, including healthy food options.

Potato Chips

Potato chips are a staple of the average unhealthy diet. Many people were sent off to school as children with a baloney sandwich and a bag of chips as their lunch. Many people now take this to work as their lunch! Don’t worry I’m not judging you, it’s a tough habit to break. After all, these kinds of foods have been specially formulated to be extremely tasty and addicting.

Two different choices which are entirely better for you include beef jerky as well as salted nuts. Beef jerky does happen to be extremely high in sodium. However, it’s not like the potato chips aren’t!

Aside from the salt factor beef jerky is extremely lean and packs a HUGE protein punch. You may want to check the label to make sure there isn’t any added MSG or unnatural ingredients but other then that you should be good to go.

The salted nuts are a great source of energy. You just want to watch out because these have a higher fat content and it’s easy to get carried away with these and end up eating a whole lot more calories than you intended to. The saying is that a small handful is around 1 oz of nuts so try to stick with that to get you by.


Soda/ pop has become a given for many people. Some people happen to drink only soda and shy away from water. However, if you check the label you’ll notice that not only is it filled with acids, artificial flavoring and other harmful chemicals but it is also high in sugar content.

For the cost of a can of soda you could have had a couple pieces of bread, half a bagel, a serving of breakfast cereal or a half cup of oats. Count each one those grams of sugar on the can as one packet of sugar that most people would use in their coffee because that’s essentially 1 gram of sugar.

As an alternative you can drink water with a calorie free water additive. These have become popular within the past few years. Or you can replace the full calorie soda with diet soda. However, be warned that diet soda has been linked to cancer. Stay away from juice because it has just as many calories as soda.

Ice Cream

People love their ice cream. It may bring back memories of summer or even just memories of being fat and enjoying a bucket of ice cream. However, this calorically dense, dairy treat should not be a staple of your diet. As an alternative to ice cream I’d recommend creating your own protein packed ice cream alternative.

You can do this by blending up a few scoops of chocolate protein with a banana and just enough liquid to moisten down the mixture. Once you have blended the mixture and it’s at a desired consistency freeze the mixture and you have yourself a delicious ice cream alternative.

You can get creative and do the same with strawberry protein, strawberries and milk. Or any flavor combination you can think of!

Breakfast Cereal

Craving breakfast cereal is a tough habit to break. After all we were programmed as kids to not only eat it every day but also to beg our parents to buy it for us. However, this one is easy.

You may not know this but you can make an extremely easy and much healthier replacement using ordinary quick oats you see at the store! Prepare the oats with slightly more liquid than what’s needed to cook the oats. Remember to use only slightly more liquid because you’ll need that extra moisture to mix in a serving of whey protein and you don’t it to end up too soupy!

In the end you’ll end up with perfectly sweetened oats and the perfect breakfast cereal alternative. You can get creative and mix in some fresh fruit. You’ll end up with delicious combinations such as chocolate oats and banana or strawberry oats with fresh strawberries. The possibilities are endless!

Candy Bars

Everyone loves chocolate! Candy bars to be exact. This alternative is not as healthy as the rest but it definitely beats eating a normal candy bar. Can you guess what it is?

It’s a protein bar. These days you can find protein bars directly across from the candy bars in your local convenience stores. They may have more or less the same amount of calories as a regular candy bar but they have the added benefit of protein. The protein will help to fuel your muscles and keep you feeling full until you can get another meal in later in the day!

The best part is that most protein bars taste just as good as actual candy bars! One word of caution is to look at the label and make sure it has at least 20 grams of protein and also to check and see that the main source of protein is not soy. As soy is known to cause estrogen production.

Well there you have it. I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and hopefully I’ve helped you to kick some of those long standing junk food habits! Thanks for reading.

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