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5 Home Design Trends for 2015

The year 2014 is about to end with all its glitz and glam, but there is more to come in 2015! Designers have already started releasing their new trends for 2015. Just like any dress designer, interior designers are pitching in new trends to hit the New Year with above the line home decorating fantasies. Zillow Digs, one of the famous design houses introduced top 5 new home decorating trends for the year to come. After an online survey and experts’ suggestions, the house suggested the trends that made to the list; check the top five home decorating samples below:

Application of Gold Fixtures

This gold hardware colour made it to the year 2015 with its new unique look and finesse. Bright gold trend with a sleek finesse and extra shine on fixtures look overwhelming, thus in the year 2015, home owners, interior decorators and developers will not stick to one trend show, stainless steel or silver fixtures, in fact a gold trend will take over the entire trend. Gold looks bold, magical in its own way!

Animal Trend – Cowhide in 2015

The year to come will largely have Cowhide trends that are modern, yet aesthetically classy for all ages. Element of Cowhide will be integrated into products like pillows, sofas, wall hangings, rugs and throw blankets. Cowhides will no more remain to clothing areas only in fact, whether it be a wall decoration or an upholstered sofa, cowhide will make its appearances in some unique ways.

No paint but ‘wallpaper’

Designers trying to bring in more ways to reduce hassles and improve productivity have voted for wallpapers. According to some of the top notch designers, wall papers are good for more than one reasons – putting them on the wall is less hassle than painting a wall, it gives better texture and outlook, in short, wallpaper is going to hit the ground in a big way in the year 2015. From digital wall printing to textured wall papers, this trend has swiftly taken over expensive wall paints or wall impressions. Let’s give wall paints a little rest.

Blue accent colours

2014 was a year of colours, whereas 2015 will be the year of blue – that’s out of the blue! Experts say, 2014 had saturated colours that are hard to work with. In fact, saturated colours offer less room to play or try new things, so until you are a colour or dyeing expert, you’re more likely to fail. Indigo blue and navy blue will be the top colours to have in 2015.

Mid-century trends

From architecture to furnishings, mid-century trend will make a ground-breaking appearance in the year 2015. This top trend will revive the classic era of mid-century along with upholstered furniture and leather tucked walls.

Above are a few top home decorating trends for the year 2016. If you are thinking to revamp your house for the upcoming events or to rent out property, it’s best to apply a few from the above.


Home decoration trends for the year 2015 have hit the red carpet, designers’ sound quite positive about the upcoming trends, finding room to play good. Read further to know what trends will top the run.

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