5 Ideas for a Memorable New Year's Eve Party

Couple of hours for new year eve, to make this party memorable you should be ready for different idea. Here are five ideas to welcome new year 2013.

1. Invitations by confetti bags

In place of a mail or SMS use your confetti few bags ready for sending invitations. Ask those who come to the party to bring them with them. You will be part of the decor at midnight insured.

2. Glowing mass

Table setting you left the last time. You can use a bright look and adding glitter among plates and candles you use at home.

3. Toast the last seconds of the year

It’s when everyone will count aloud the passage in the new year. Why not make it a special moment? Put one number on each cup and the cup countdown lift properly.

You can resort to a custom in Spain, where at midnight they eat 12 grapes for each month of the year to come. You prepare every glass of champagne each skewer with a stick planted grapes in it that eat them before midnight.

4. Cheerfulness keeps the party

Music is the most important ingredient for fun. If you do not choose in advance the list of songs, you risk spending all night searching among the guests preferences.

To show you hire a professional bartender. Not only will prepare cocktails atmosphere, but will know to give you the best drinks for every taste.

5. Relies on simple things

Do not like to spend too much time in the kitchen? Propose a party where each guest to bring appetizers at home. You will have 6-10 different kinds of food home.

Do not try combinations of drinks if you do not understand. Buy Champagne or Prosecco and everyone will enjoy a glass of midnight.

Dessert can be served as a buffet or you can call a chocolate fountain and fresh fruit. So you get rid of baking cakes.