News 5 Inexpensive Garden Gifts For Your Favorite Gardener

5 Inexpensive Garden Gifts For Your Favorite Gardener


If you have a gardener on your gift lift for Christmas, a birthday, or any other special occasion and you are looking for an inexpensive gift that your gardener will love, here are a few quick ideas sure to please any gardener.

Garden Gloves

Gardeners need a good pair of gloves, but most people will wear them until they are in dire need of replacement. A brand new set of gardening gloves is always an nice gift for someone who spends a lot of time working in the dirt.

Look for gloves that aren’t too tight and that have a reinforced palm made of leather. There are plastic reinforced palms as well but I prefer leather. You need a good cover here for those prickly rose bushes and anything else with thorns.

Garden gloves come in all sorts of colors and patters so have some fun with it.

Garden Sheers

A quality set of garden sheers are a gardener’s best friend. They are used often and last a long time, but eventually they seem to get misaligned and just don’t cut right.

If your gardener doesn’t have a nice sheers to cut branches and flowers this is a perfect gift idea. If they do but it is old, this is the type of thing that they won’t buy for themselves but will appreciate a whole lot.

Don’t go too cheap here. This doesn’t have to be an expensive gift but ignore the low end models that you find. You want these to last.

Garden Kneeler

Anyone who gardens for a long time has certain days that they just have to be on their knees, and a garden kneeler is a great gift idea that won’t cost much money.

They are basically a foam pad that are easy on the knees, but are small and light which makes it easy to move around. There are also more significant models that have handles if your gardener is not as mobile and needs that extra support, but the basic foam model will do nicely for most gardeners.

No more dirt on the knees. Instead, they will have a comfortable place to kneel.

Garden Tool Holder

These come in all sorts of varieties but they are intended to hold a variety of garden tools and seeds so that the gardener can easily carry what they need with them around the garden.

There are really neat versions of the garden caddy that attach to a 5 gallon pail which is a bonus as the pail may be used for things like dirt or weeds.

Garden Ornaments

If you want to get a little less practical and a have a bit more fun consider a new garden ornament as your gift.

Ornaments are fun to shop for and fun to give. You can find all kinds of things built on a stake so they can be inserted into the ground. Popular garden ornaments include stained glass ornaments, bird feeders, painted metal ornaments, or reflection balls.

If the gardener on your gift list has a particular interest, chances are you can find the perfect garden ornament that is made just for them.

Now that you have some ideas, pick up an inexpensive but popular gift for your favorite gardener today.

 5 Inexpensive Garden Gifts For Your Favorite Gardener
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