5 International Movies that you should not miss out

Movies can create an extreme impact on a person both positively and negatively. Here are a list of movies that can sometime make you feel very good,emotional and take you to the edge of your seats.There are some movies which may not be very pacy or quick in its narrative style but still can leave a big impact on your mind after its completion.

1. The Shawshank Redemption

This is one of the best movies ever you can watch because of the way the screenplay is used to narrate the lives of two persons spending long time of their life in prison.It is about how two men develop a friendship over years and finally find their redemption through some intelligent and diligent acts.

2.Beautiful Mind

Beautiful Mind is a movie which can be placed in the category of All Time Classics. It is about some nightmares faced by a mathematician who is not very gregarious by nature.

3.City of God

This Brazilian movie takes you to edge of your seat most of the times. A movie that is about the life of two young kids in Rio De Janerio of Brazil where they both choose two different paths in a violent atmosphere. A movie that can be enjoyed specially for its screenplay. The sad part is that some portion of the movie may not be advisable to young kids as it has scenes that adulates violence.

4.Green Mile

The movie portrays the lives of guard men on death row convictions and how the entry of a new person who is very gigantic in looks with some mysterious possessions changes the lives of many over there. A very interesting story with yet another fabulous performance by tom hanks.

5. The Godfather: I,II & III

One of the all time classics which can be enjoyed even after 40 years of its release worldwide.The movie is about an aging don who transfers his control and power in the crime dynasty to his son with some reluctance.The style used in the movie makes it a very special movie and a must watch for all those who are bored with the style used to portray a don in most of the movies. It stands out quite clearly from the rest of its competitors in the genre.

These are some of the movies that can always make you think about it after watching it. I hope to have taken back you to your good days if you have already watched it. If you have not watched any of these movies, i am pretty sure that you will not be disappointed with the movie after watching it.In one way or other, it will titillate you.