5 iPhone Default Setting That You Maynot Like: Learn to Fix Them

There are many who love iPhone for numerous reasons but then there are a few things that are still not so adorable about it. The default settings for your mobile device that do seem to be bothersome need to be dealt with immediately. However, if you know how to deal with it then it would not be annoying to your anymore.

Given here are 5 iPhone default settings that you may not like but you can still learn to fix them:

Annoying in-line message

Whenever, you send an e-mail message there is a message at the end of the body text that says ‘sent from my iPhone’ this does seems annoying at times. You might not want to display this message at all and would want to do away with it.

Go to Settings-> Mail, Contacts, Calendars-> Signature, tap the white box, erase the text within the box and leave it blank.

Changing Ringtone

The worst that happens is when you are sitting in a group and the text message tone rings. It seems that everyone around has the same ringtone on their iPhone. Now the confusion is who received message. This seems fun at first but soon becomes annoying to check your phone and see it is not yours. To get rid of that annoying ding sound you can really do something.

Navigate through Settings-> Sounds-> Sounds and vibration Patterns and check out each tone there, look for the option for Note or Opening that will help you change sound effects.

Organizing Apps

Some apps that you have on your iPhone are such that you cannot delete them even if you want to. The stocks. App for instance is that just cannot be done away with. Game center is one such app for instance, another would be iBooks. However, you can sure do organize it or to be precise stash those elsewhere out of your sight. Choose an app, hold down till it starts vibrating and drag it on to another app. Keep doing it and a folder will be created automatically.

Data Consumption

Often, you keep wondering what exactly is eating up your data, have you ever thought the apps might be the culprit. There are numerous apps that hog on your cellular data and results in hiked bills. You have a choice to switch from cellular data to Wi-Fi only option.

Settings-> Cellular, slide to put it off against app that you do not want to consume your cellular data.

Another thing that you can do is to choose to turn off automatic refresh for apps, Settings-> General-> Background App Refresh.

Credit Card Option

It is all about storing personal information of a user that also includes information related to credit card details. This option is turned on by default. You can choose to turn it off or cancel it altogether. To do that navigate through the Settings-> Safari-> passwords & Autofill and flick the slider off against the option of Names and Passwords and Credit Cards.

This way you can easily do away with 5 default options that are enabled in iPhone and take a sigh of relief.

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