5 Most Extreme & Badass Plants You Haven't Even Heard of. #2 Will Make Your Jaw Drop

There are two types of plants. The ones you grow in your backyard and the ones you don’t.
There are two types of plants you don’t grow. The ones that are and the ones that aren’t in your neighbour’s backyard.
There are two types of plants that your neighbour can’t grow in his garden – the ones he can but didn’t want to and the ones he can’t.

We’re going to discuss the ones he can’t.

‘Why can’t he?’ – you would ask.

Because these are the most extreme plants on Earth! If your backyard’s not covered with lava or 1 meter of snow – don’t even bother. No professional gardeners can handle these. Not even your grandma.

#1 The plant that can trick Death.

Rose of Jericho

Well obviously the plants in this list must be hardcore. But did you expect Jesus-hardcore? It goes under the name of Rose of Jericho and it has the supernatural ability to resurrect itself. It can look as dead as any tumbleweed rolling in the middle of a cowboy fight, but if you give it water and voilà Рit gets back to life in no time. This extraordinary ability is said to be an environment-induced survival mechanism Рthis plant is native to the deserts of Mexico where rain occurs rarely. The question Рhow is dying a survival mechanism?

#2 The plant that is virtually immortal.

Immortal plant

This is among the weirdest plants on earth. It may live from 400 to the astonishing 2000 years! It only has 2 leaves that tend to grow meters long and it also has a very unpleasant appearance. The lack of aesthetics it compensates with its ability to survive – the Weltwitschia mirabilis can collect condensation moist from fog and has a well developed root system to outreach underground water.

#3 The Conqueror that everyone’s afraid of.

With the symbolic name Kudzu, this plant is famous for its endless appetite for new territory. It grows in vigorous rates killing almost every plant it gets in touch with and it is said to be impossible to control for it grows up to A METER a day. Because of its invasive nature it costs the US more than half a billion dollars per year in attempts to control it and in terms of wasted arable land(nearly 30 000 square kilometers of Kudzu nightmare).

#4 Blooming at above 0 degrees is for the weak.

Purple Saxifrage Extreme Plant

This edible flower is reported to grow on the northerly plant locality in the world – north Greenland. You can also find it on various famous mountains including the Alps and Rocky mountains. The
Purple Saxifrage is just too extreme. So extreme it tends to bloom in temperatures under 0.

Fun fact time the petals are edible and they taste mildly bitter at first but overall consumers get a sweet sensation.

#5 Most birds have never reached the heights this plant occupies.

Mount Everest Moss Extreme Plants

The Mountain Everest moss. That’s the Flora’s representative known to inhabit the highest mountain on the world. Being able to survive the breathtaking 6,5 kilometers above sea level is not an easy task – the moss has to withstand very low temperatures, higher ultraviolet radiation from the sun and extreme winds! We heard Leonidas used to feed on said moss as a child.