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5 Most Faced Potential Problems With Nexus 7 and Ways to Fix Them

Launched with a tagline- ‘Made for what matters,’ Nexus 7 is a 7-inch tablet launched by Google in July 2013. This thinner, lighter, and faster device is acclaimed as a perfect mix of power and portability that to ensure timely completion of your productivity, gaming, and other personal tasks. Accredited for possessing world’s sharpest 7′ tablet screen, the gadget brings around 2.3 million pixels in your hand. Despite being packed with amazing screen resolution, excellent features, and unmatchable configuration, the device has faced ire of customers for its connectivity, touch-screen, and Bluetooth-related issues.

Nevertheless, features such as 323 pixels packed into every inch, video streaming in vibrant 1080p HD, amazing performance, and affordable price, make this gadget as one of the most preferred choice of users. However, the certain serious issues faced by consumers have made a great impact on the sales of the device. The tablet allows you to enjoy up to 9 hours of HD video playback and 10 hours of web browsing or e-reading. But a sudden jerk on touch-screen or broken link with connectivity can void your patience.

If you’re also facing some of the above mentioned issues with your Nexus 7, then read this article carefully to find out the solutions for the same.

1. Slow loading of apps and programs

You might have faced frequent hanging and freezing issues with your Nexus 7 and you must be wondering how to fix the same. First you need to analyze that why is this actually happening? A virus, lack of space on hard disk, infected programs, too many apps enlisted on the device, and other prominent factors that can hamper the performance of your device and make it to slow down. Software issues, incompatibility with the OS or hard drive, and poor coding techniques may also make a program slow or unresponsive on your Google device.

How to fix?

Check the system and configuration requirements of the program and match it with your device’s properties. It is quite possible that your gadget hasn’t been turned off since long, so, even the CPU components are looking for a quick nap. Hence, try turning your Nexus 7 completely off, wait for 10 seconds, and turn on the power button again to see, if it helps. You might be surprised to know that an incredible number of streaming, apps loading, and hanging problems can be fixed by doing this.

2. Poor performance after upgrading to Android 4.2

Upgrading your devices to the latest OS and other software and hardware components can be of great help while dealing on productivity and performance fronts. But it’s quite possible that it doesn’t turn out to be helpful every time. Users who have upgraded to Android 4.2 are facing severely poor performance on their Nexus 7 as the device is taking too long to respond to the commands sent by a user. Everything ranging from opening of apps, loading web pages, streaming videos, and swiping across screens is taking much longer than expected.

How to fix?

After a user has upgraded his device to an advanced OS, there is always a chance for him to get back to its previous version and restore the settings. Opting for a less advanced version may not bring everything to the user, but it can ensure smooth functioning of apps, programs, and software installed on the device.

Performing a factory reset to set the Nexus back to its factory state would be an ideal solution for this issue. Factory reset doesn’t only fix its performance problems, but will also make your device appear like a newly-purchased one on performance fronts. To do the same, open the ‘Settings’ screen, tap on the ‘Backup & Reset’ button, and then finally tap on the ‘Factory data reset’ option.

3. Touch-screen unresponsiveness issues

Nexus 7 users have repeatedly complained about a faulty touch sensor, but the manufacturer never agrees to it. Many users reported that touching the screen when scrolling up and down a web page may work fine for some time, but later the device stopped responding to touch input. Additionally, issues were also raised against the swiping factors and it was complained that the touch sensor often detects the first half of the swipe, but not the second.

How to fix?

Users may feel quite irritated and frustrated because of this strange behavior of the touch capability, but the major cause of this problem is the Google Currents, a pre-installed app. The app automatically syncs in the background and may result in missing out some touch inputs that raise this issue. To rectify this error, open the ‘Current’ app, tap on the ‘Menu’ button, tap on ‘Settings,’ and uncheck the ‘Enable background sync’ option.

4. Tablet isn’t getting Power On or receiving charge

Many times a device may behave in a strange manner and appears completely frozen. Even after making numerous efforts from your side the gadget neither get power on nor even receive charge from the main power source. Under such situations, the easiest solution is to pull out the battery and reinsert it again to see if it helps.

How to fix?

As Nexus 7 doesn’t have a user-serviceable battery, a user needs to hold down the Power button continuously for 30 seconds. A touch input for 30 without any break would fix the device that refused to turn on or charge. It may find strange, but you may have tried holding down the Power button already, but remember that Nexus requires a continuous 30 seconds touch input.

5. Screen Flicker in dim light

Your Nexus 7’s screen may tend to flicker under the low-light or dim-light conditions and the issue will not be recognized, if you aren’t viewing a mostly-white screen. You may experience flicker while adjusting the screen brightness meter to 10% or below that. Most of the users reported that this issue seems to be related to Wi-Fi as the problem occurs more often when the tablet has a weak wireless signal.

How to fix?

If you’re experiencing flickering, then it’s quite possible that either you’re working in a low-light condition or there are some serious issues with your Wi-Fi connectivity. You can set your device’s display brightness at a higher value and disable the auto-brightness setting to experience flicker-free screen.

Another major fix is disabling Wi-Fi optimization as it is reported to be helpful in removing the flicker. To do the same, open the ‘Settings’ screen, tap on the ‘Wi-Fi’ icon, and tap on the ‘Menu’ button. Now, tap on the ‘Advanced’ option, and uncheck the ‘Wi-Fi optimization’ button to bring this setting into working.

The above mentioned are some of the major issues that are faced by users having Nexus 7. Owing to the decreasing market response and impactful complaints raised by the loyal customer base, the company has already started working on fixing such issues. In addition to this, users can report their issues with the device on Google’s official forum and their tech experts or engineers will help a customer directly to fix them. Users should scan manufacturer’s website regularly in order to find the latest fixes for issues with their Nexus device, or they can also raise their personal complaints on the Google Forum.

About the Author: Hi! I am Polly M Quinton, a prolific blog writer and keen author of articles related to online tablet support and solution for issues related to computers and mobile devices. Being associated with the reputed best pc tuneup service provider Qresolve,

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