5 Most Popular Types of Blogs

Today, blogging is one of the easiest ways of reaching out to your target audience using the Social Media. Besides, it happens to be an effective medium for making your reputation, for building strong relationships, for business purposes and for interacting with your clients and customers. There are various kinds of blogs; we have listed top five ones, which you will see often.

1. Corporate Blogs

Today, most of the corporate companies in the world have engaged themselves in making and interacting with their clients & customers worldwide through their Corporate Blogs. In addition, each of the blogs is developed and revolves around the goal that the program is built to support. At present, you can find many great blog sites, which are maintained by corporations, and the subjects that are talked about varying from discussions on product, service, applications, installations, problem solving to new developments as well as many several technology related issues.

2. Personal Blogs

The personal blogs generally belong to the biggest category of blogs that comprises of blogs regarding personal topics, including travel, family health, music, politics, and education and so on. There are a large number of people who have a preference to keep their blogs private and so share photos and other personal information with close friends and families. You can see many personal blogs on celebrities, political leaders, health, etc. at whatthafact.com.

3. Business

Bloggers who are looking to make a name for them in the industry they are working in usually use this business blog. Business kinds of blogs are related to professional category and belong to professionals ranging from lawyers to real estate professionals and stock broker. Professionals are making use of business blog sites to share their expertise, and different business houses companies have come to understand the power of blogs to personally connect with their client & customers.
News blogs are those online websites, which are updated on by news bloggers regularly. There are many types of news blogs that provide the latest news, top news headlines and world news from diverse fields, including entertainment, career, movies, technology, and sports and so on.

5. Promotional Blogs

Such blogs are the byproduct of bloggers who just want to sell products. This kind of blog promotion works well for businesses that want to boost awareness of a unique product or for writers who are selling a new book.

Blogs come in many shapes and sizes, and lots of them will fall into more than one of these listed categories. What makes blogging great? There are very few barriers to entry, and you get huge variety of different views on any particular subject or topic.