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5 Natural Ways to Get Soft and Cellulite Free Skin

Cellulite – one of the worst enemies of women worldwide. We all have it – yes, even men – and we all want to get rid of it as soon as possible. I have yet to meet a woman who hasn’t had this problem and who hasn’t tried something to reduce cellulite and make her skin firmer and leaner. However, in order to fight it, we first have to ask – what exactly is cellulite and what causes it?
Cellulite is a herniation of fat deposits under your skin – most often found on thighs, buttocks, and abdomen – which makes your skin look like orange peel. It is caused by many factors, like gender, age, genetics, and metabolism, even race and biotype – all things that we cannot change – but there is still a great number of causes that we can control. Just a little change in your lifestyle can make a big difference in the way your skin looks and feels. Here, I’ll be giving some advice on not just how to reduce and prevent cellulite, but also on how to live a healthier and happier life.

1. Stay hydrated

First thing you have to know about fighting cellulite is, of course – hydration. You have probably heard of this one: “drink a lot of water to reduce cellulite” – and it is completely true. One of the biggest causes of cellulite are the toxins that build up in your body. If you drink a lot of water and stay properly hydrated all the time, the toxins won’t build up under your skin; they will flush through your system more efficiently. Some recent research states that, in order to stay healthy and reduce cellulite, an average woman has to drink approximately 2.7 litters (around 13 glasses) of water daily. You don’t have to drink that much water, you can simply get some of it through eating fruit and vegetables or drinking lemon juice or vegetable smoothies. Avoid coffee and tea (unless it’s a natural herbal tea) because they have a dehydration effect.

2. Exercise is the key

Next thing that is very important in reducing cellulite is exercise. With only a 30 minute exercise session a day, three days a week, you can significantly reduce cellulite levels and get smoother skin. First exercise you would want to do in order to achieve your goal is cardio. 10-15 minutes of cardio is just enough to get you sweaty, and all those toxins I talked about earlier are being expelled from your skin by sweat. It also helps with stress relief, increases endorphin, and boosts your metabolism. For the rest of the workout, do regular strength exercises that target your lower body, like lunges and squats. It will help in building your muscle tone, and make your legs and butt look smoother and tighter.

3. Heat, sweat and bikram yoga

One special type of workout that can really make a difference is yoga, especially bikram yoga. You have probably heard of that name, but do you know exactly what bikram yoga is? Well, it is a very unique type of yoga that consists of 26 postures and two breathing exercise. So what is unique about it and how will it help you fight the cellulite? The answer to this might surprise you – it is done in a heated room (37-40 degrees Celsius, or 100-110 F), with 40% humidity. When you first start bikram yoga, it is not unusual to feel dizzy or disoriented – it is because you are expelling all the toxins accumulated in your body. But don’t worry, after only three sessions, you will feel like a new person. Apart from reducing cellulite and tightening your skin, bikram yoga affects function of T-cells, as well as your overall immune system.

4. Eat to beat cellulite

Proper healthy diet can also help you fight cellulite. But don’t be fooled – losing weight doesn’t mean you are losing cellulite as well. In fact, many skinny women with unhealthy lifestyle have much more cellulite then slightly overweight women who eat healthy. So if you want to get rid of cellulite, forget a weight-loss diet, and start your own brand new cellulite-loss diet! Next, eat a lot of flax seeds. You can mix them with oat meal, cereal, fruit or even yogurt, or you can eat them alone. If you choose the right ingredients, you can make yourself a tasty pudding for dessert, without worrying about fat and cellulite. The micronutrients that can be found in flax seeds, chia seeds and fruit can help increase collagen levels, so you’re basically straitening your skin and preventing the formation of cellulite from the start. Some other foods that also increase collagen are colored veggies, since they have high levels of vitamin C, which has been proven to prevent collagen breakdown.

5. Massages, cremes and treatments – do it yourself

There are many treatments that supposedly cure cellulite, but most of them don’t live up to their claims unless you are willing to invest in higher-end solutions. You can have a surgical procedure or a laser treatment – it will probably work, but they cost a lot of money, and not every woman can afford them – but don’t despair, there are also many things you can do yourself at home to help you with your fight. One of the simplest ways is dry brushing – brush your skin gently, starting from feet to shoulders, for about five minutes every day (before showering), focusing on areas with most cellulite. Similar to this is massaging. You can do it yourself, or have your partner do it for you. It works best if you use some anti-cellulite oil that can be bought in every drug-store. The best anti-cellulite oils usually consist of juniper oil, olive oil, seaweeds, or coffee grounds – so you can even make them at home.

Soft and cellulite-free skin is every woman’s dream – and you too can achieve that by following this simple advice. Starting is the most difficult, and you probably won’t see great results for weeks. Remember that this takes time, but don’t give up. Be persistent, and in time, you will have smooth, soft thighs and a butt that will make every other woman envious.

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