News 5 Neat Home Gadgets That Add Personality to Your...

5 Neat Home Gadgets That Add Personality to Your House


There are so many neat home gadgets out there! From electronic trashcans to specialty fish tanks, you can find it all. In this article, I’ve selected a few that I thought really add personality and flair to your house. It was hard to narrow it down to just five!

These all make great gifts, either for someone else or for yourself. I know there are quite a few of these I would like for our home!

It can be hard to find a good selection of cool items for the home online. I found that most articles that talk about cool home gadgets then show things that aren’t easily available for purchase. All the selections in this article are available directly from Amazon.

Keep scrolling to see the top five choices…

 5 Neat Home Gadgets That Add Personality to Your House

This charging station looks so neat! I love the real grass look. The Kikkerland grass charging station hides all your messy cords. You plug a standard extension cord into the bottom of the base, then attach all your chargers and hide them in the compartment at the bottom. Then, plug your devices in and nestle them in the grass, hiding all the cords. The only thing that would make this charging station better is if it were wireless.

Do you have fish? Or do you want to? Then you may like the Umbra Fish Hotel.

 5 Neat Home Gadgets That Add Personality to Your House

This one gallon fish hotel is so fun! It’s great for a Betta fish or other small solitary fish.. There is no lid, so don’t get a fish that jumps with it. You can stack these like fish condos. It’s also fairly easy to attach a small biological filter to one corner.

 5 Neat Home Gadgets That Add Personality to Your House

Are you a ninja at heart? Then you’ll love these ninja star coat hooks. They can attach to any wall, and allow you to hang your jacket with ease. The edges look sharp, but they are not, so you won’t damage your clothing or your eyes. You don’t have to tell your guests that though!

 5 Neat Home Gadgets That Add Personality to Your House

This sleek silver trash can has a garbage side and a recyclable side. It also is hands free. You just wave your hands over a sensor and it glides open for you. This particular brand has great reviews and a long battery life, so you won’t be changing batteries as often as you would with a lower quality brand. So show off your green side and save the planet in style!

 5 Neat Home Gadgets That Add Personality to Your House

Do you like to entertain? Then you’ll love the magic lasso wine holder. This looks like it’s floating in midair, but it’s just a trick of balance. The rope itself can be rearranged and ties into different knots as you please. It’s suitable for most bottles of wine or champagne.

So which of these five neat home gadgets was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

 5 Neat Home Gadgets That Add Personality to Your House
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