5 Of The Most Recognized Custom Trophies In The World

Custom trophies make a wonderful way to recognize an achievement. Trophies have been used throughout history, in fact, to signify a great accomplishment.

However, custom trophies can be much more than recognition awards. Custom trophies are also a powerful means of branding a business, organization or event. You need only think about some of the world’s most well-known custom trophies. It’s almost impossible to see or visualize the award without simultaneously associating it with an organization.

Just consider these five. They’re just a handful of some of the world’s most recognized custom trophies. Their images have carved out a place in history for their creators.

1) Oscar: Few people know exactly who ‘Oscar’ is. Everyone, however, knows who his statuette represents: the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Actually, the origins of the statue’s nickname are unclear, even to the Academy. At some point someone dubbed the 13 and a half inch, eight pound statue ‘Oscar.’ It stuck. Designed to represent a knight, Oscar is one of the most recognized custom trophies ever made.

2) The Grammy: The National Academy of Recording Arts set out to honor excellence in music in the 1950’s. What better figure to represent musical talent than a gramophone? This is how the famous recognition award was born.

The Grammy Awards features an obelisk stone base, topped with a gilded gramophone. Its design has remained largely the same since the award was first created. It was slightly revamped in the early 1990’s. Some of its materials were changed to increase its durability. It was also made larger.

3) The Stanley Cup: This distinctive trophy is awarded annually to the winner of the NHL championship hockey match. It was named for Lord Stanley of Preston, Governor General of Canada in the late 1800’s. Lord Stanley, a British appointee, was one of the fledgling game’s biggest supporters.

The earliest version of the Stanley Cup was actually called the Dominion Hockey Challenge Cup. Later it was re-designed and dubbed for Lord Stanley.

Today’s version is made from a silver-nickel alloy. A replica of the original Dominion Hockey Cup rests atop a massive chalice.

The Stanley Cup differs from most other sports custom trophies in one major way. A new award is not manufactured every year. Instead, the same award is passed from winning team to winning team each year. Good thing too, because it weighs a whopping 35 pounds.

4) The Nobel Prize: It may not be considered a ‘trophy.’ However, the Nobel Prize still ranks among the most recognized awards in the world.

The Nobel Prize was established to recognize excellence and notable contributions in the world of science, medicine and literature. Another annual Nobel Prize is awarded to an individual who has made significant contributions to world peace.

The Nobel Prize is actually a medal rather than a trophy. Today’s version is small enough to be held in one’s hand. It consists of an 18 carat ‘green’ gold core plated with 24 carat gold.

5) The Heisman Memorial Trophy: This award is granted annually to the top-rated US college football player. It might be considered small scale, considering the number of professional sports custom trophies out there.

Nevertheless, its design has made it almost as universally recognized as the Stanley Cup. It was first created in 1935 and called the Downtown Athletic Club Trophy. After the death of former football player and coach John Heisman in 1936, it was renamed for him.

Today’s Heisman Trophy depicts a football player running with a ball tucked under his arm. The other arm is outstretched in a move to fend off the opposition.

The simple, straightforward design was cast in bronze and placed atop a base. The base’s shape has changed over the years. The football player hasn’t, and he’s now synonymous with college football stardom.

Custom trophies make powerful branding tools that can make your organization unforgettable. Even if your trophy doesn’t attain Stanley cup status, it may still make history.