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5 Prize Winning Poems On Nature


It was the pleasant morning of Youth Fest. English Teacher Uma Ma’am began with structures-sonnets and rhyme scheme before she listed out the basic poetic devices and spun of alternative phrases.

‘Elements’ she stated was the topic for the seniors – air, water, fire and water were the catalysts for creative combustion. 60-90 minutes was what was needed to sharpen intellectual ability and poet power.

Below are some of the Poems that won marvellous prizes…..

Raindrops Like Tears


Image By Juni from Kyoto, Japan (Flickr) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Raindrops like tears from the sky

Seems like my childhood memories going by

Left before are those days

When my paper boat floated in the waterways

Rainy season, time fly

My childhood passed under the same sky

Remembering the gone days, I write my story

For now they have become a part of history

Those were the golden days of joy,

When I used to be a little boy

Counting the stars, and feeling the rain

Departure of friends gave me pain

Caring, sharing, loving to talk

Going with friends on a long walk

Childhood like raindrops flashback a lifetime

Being on the top of the sky and seeing the world doing a mime

The breeze before the rain, twinkle in my eye

Memories to cherish, for the days have gone by.

Acoustic Ambience


Image By ABF (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

The rising sun, the breaking dawn – at the horizon I glance;

The river reflects, the breeze traverses – life renders a sublime stance

The dew on the lily leaf bids farewell to mortal grief, and

Happiness graces this acoustic ambience

The scene strikes my mind, contemplating, I reminisce me Second Age

The Sun’s light, like a brain so bright – cascading its containing cage

The river flows in all seasons, like a child with a smile, void reasons;

The earth reminds of mother’s shoulders, life rewinds as I grow older

My spirit becomes buoyant and the emotions flood in,

I remember childish pleasures and out comes a grin.

The Sun now hides behind the Heavens, and on the hill I sit;

Treasuring memories and moments, which a higher power knits.

As I think, the more I sink and more thoughts give way.

But as I rise I understand, – Moments like these take your breath away.

The Four Shades Of A Soul

A soothing zephyr at the brink of dawn

Awakens me as it yearns of to think upon

whether my life is out o’ the window there

To swish and swirl with the breezing air

I sit and gaze at the gurgling river

And wish to whirl and glide and shimmer

To flow to with the endless streams of ecstasy

And traverse across pristine spheres with absolute passivity

It often compels of to admire

The purity, the passion, and the spark of the blazing fire

From agonies to triumphs all engulfed by this flame

Leaving merely a selfish soul and none to blame

A speck of dirt or a handful of sand

Blend to form the intrinsic land

A tuft of grass or an oak’s girth

All have place on this vast earth

A pensive mind let loose – it wanders

Into the woods of the four elements upon which it ponders



Image By Omnidoom 999 (Own work) [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-2.5], via Wikimedia Commons

As the chilly wind blew

I had a brain freeze

Some people find it pleasant

But lets not call it a breeze

As I read the newspaper

My hatred did increase

‘Winter killing people’

Why didn’t it cease?

As I had some got chocolate

I thought of the advantages too

And came to the conclusion that

Winter was surely better than the hot loo.

Secret Of Time


Aromatic air is all around

Without it there would be no sound

We may gasp or sigh in our times of strife

Yet never fail to breathe in life

Like a savior up above

It brings us what we love Image By Rodw (Own work) [Public domain], via

Wikimedia Commons

Elated we stand with our necks in arcane

When we dance o the rhythm of the rain

Our spirit flies with the wing so fresh

Everytime it caresses our flesh

For whispering wind knows the secret of time

(For) oft I wish that it would recite its own rime

Evert time the wind kisses my cheek

My feelings reach their peak

My heart is overcome with pensive pleasures

And dances away with leisure

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