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5 products you must have to take care of your wig

People choose to wear wigs for a variety of reasons. While some want to add volume to their thinning hair, others want to hide hair loss or baldness and there are others who wish to look different. Whatever be the reason, it is important to take good care of one’s wig to make it look natural and last for long.
Here are 5 wig care products that every wig owner must have in order to protect their wig’s longevity and to look great.
1. Shampoo-a shampoo is one of the most important wig care products. Shampoo helps wash the wig thoroughly and removes all the dirt and dust. The type of shampoo that you should use would depend on the wig type. If you have a synthetic wig, use only those shampoos that are especially designed for the synthetic wigs. For natural wigs, use any phosphate-free shampoo. For washing, add one tablespoon of wig shampoo to cold water. You can put the cold water in the sink. Rinse the wig until all the shampoo is out. Leave the wig on a slender object for drying to avoid stretching the cap. Do get your wig cleaned by professionals once in a while. Professional wig cleaning New York NY will ensure your wig looks great and lasts for longer.
2. Conditioner-conditioner helps restore the wig’s original style. Conditioners contain essential oils that help soften the wig and make it look shining and lustrous. Like shampoos, there are specific conditioners for different types of wigs. You must choose the one that is appropriate for your wig type.
3. Brush-you must brush your wig with a suitable brush otherwise it can get damaged. Brushes for normal hair should be avoided as they can put too much stress on the strands and can result in breakage. For a synthetic wig, use a wired brush. Use a soft brush for human hair wig to prevent any damage and breakage of the strands. It is advisable to brush the wig only after it has dried out completely.
4. Liquid mousse or hair spray-liquid mousse or spray is very important for styling your wig. Though wigs come in several different styles, you may still want to style it. If you have a liquid wig mousse or spray you can easily do basic wig styling. Depending on the way you want to style your wig you can put a little mousse on your wig to create curls or waves. For any major styling or cutting you must visit professionals for wig cutting Los Angeles CA.
5. Picks-picks are essential because they tend to be gentler on hair compared to a brush. Further, as picks help arrange the hair they are very convenient for styling the wigs. Buy wide toothed styling picks as they are gentle on wig. You can carry a pick in your bag whenever you are going out to keep your wig in top-notch condition when on the go.
Buy the above products and prolong the life of your wig.

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