5 Quick Furnace Fixes

Keeping warm in the winter should be as easy as turning on your furnace but sometimes, it’s not. When that happens your first reaction is to call in an HVAC repairman. There are a few things you can try before doing that. These are five simple furnace repair ideas you can try out before having to call in a professional. Check these out and then if you’re furnace is still not working properly it may be time to call for furnace services.


Check Your Thermostat

This may seem so simple but you would be surprised how many times it is the thermostat that is causing an issue. Be sure the thermostat itself is turned to heat before you take another step. Check the temperature it is set for and the temperature in the room itself.


Bump up the thermostat five degrees to see if the furnace will kick in then. You can open up the thermostat itself and blow out any dust or debris that may be in there. Make sure the thermostat is level and connected to the wall well. You can also trace back the wires to make sure everything is connected properly before moving to another aspect of the furnace.


Change Filters

Another common area that could be causing issues is the filter itself. A dirty filter can cause the furnace to overheat and automatically shut off. It also gives the furnace a hard time “breathing” as it’s chock full of dirt and debris. The filters should be changed on a regular basis just like your AC filter should be. Make sure your furnace filters are clean and fresh to start the season off with. Be sure to check them periodically throughout the winter season to ensure they give you the maximum heat possible.


Check Breakers

Another common problem that could stopping your furnace is the breakers/circuit box. Double check that none of the breakers have been flipped or that they are all on and there’s no problem. You’d be surprised at how many time it is just the breaker needing to be turned back on during the winter months. This will save you a repair call cost if you check that first.


Blower Panel Shut

Did you have a repair or service done on the furnace in the past few months? If so your blower panel may not be shut all the way. In this case it can cause the furnace to refuse to turn on as a safety precaution. Make sure the blower panel door is securely shut against the furnace to insure it works properly.


Pilot Light

Some units are run with gas and others with electric. Make sure your pilot light is on and stays lit for those who run on gas. Just be sure your light is on and that it is not blowing out during the furnace running. If you’re having trouble with it then it may be time to call in the furnace repair technician.


A variety of problems could be going on with your furnace and causing it to not heat the home. With these five steps to check, you can easily rule out the small things before having to call your technician in. While these may help there may be a bigger problem. Be prepared to talk about furnace replacement depending on age and maintenance of your current unit. You can save yourself a lot of time and money by simply checking out these five simple fixes before calling in anyone. Stay warm this winter and start making sure your furnace is ready before the cold temperatures hit.