5 Reasons Call Recording is Essential to Any Customer-Centric Business

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Call recording is an essential business activity followed by companies across the world as it helps them to shape the call flow and delivery high quality of service to the customers.
Because of the tight integration between VoIP and computer, recording has become easier.

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5 Reasons Call Recording is Essential to Any Customer-Centric Business, Seekyt

Over the past decade several call recording solutions have been released in the market and these have been availed by organizations at different points in time. It is imperative that a company has an effective and efficient call flow solution because productivity is directly affected by it. Research has revealed that companies lose billions of dollars every year due to poor quality of customer service. Once a customer has had a bad experience with your company, they are bound to go to your competitors, which is a direct loss of business. A recent survey states that the customers are ready to pay more for a better customer service experience.

Experts believe that this is the best time to identify and deploy a call recording solution for your company. However, companies are concerned with the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and ROI (Return on Investment) while investing on any new technology. Call recording systems are designed to meet the regulatory requirement. However, an advanced call recording solution will prove to be a value addition to your business as it would improve productivity and enhance the bottom line.

Here are 5 reasons call recording is essential to any customer-centric business:

• Customer service – When you deploy a good quality call recording solution at your office, it would facilitate the effective management of customer service, identify the business needs and enhance the performance of your employees. The utilization of call recording makes it extremely easy to monitor the company procedures and policies and make quick adjustments to eliminate inefficiencies or productivity.

• Ensure customers satisfaction and increase retention–The use of an advanced call recording solution gives you the opportunity to conduct quality training as well as improving the first call resolutions. This will help you to directly improve the customer satisfaction and increase retention. Customer retention rates can witness a marked improvement when you keep training as well as evaluating the manner in which every employee responds to customer queries. Call recording is sure shot way of making the call processes efficient and lean.

• Better Employee Training –The performance of every agent can be evaluated and reviewed by managers when they get the opportunity to list to the customer calls and the response of the agents. This will also help the mangers to identify the problem areas and discuss the findings with the agents. The mangers can even conduct tests and carry out quality training from time to time. The staff trainers and supervisors will be able to use call recording the mark and playback the voice files to demonstrate the mistakes the agents are making and tell them how to improve.

• Real time assistance for dispute resolution – In case a dispute between an agent and a customer, the call recording tool can be used as evidence to corroborate facts and arrive at a solution.

• Increase Up-selling and Cross Selling – During quality control and training, the missed opportunities for up-selling or cross selling can be easily addressed. The agents can be trained to improve his/her awareness about the financial opportunities that exist during any customer interaction.

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5 Reasons Call Recording is Essential to Any Customer-Centric Business, Seekyt
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