5 Reasons to e-Smoke and Not Real Smoke

As many smokers are switching over to vaping, we are looking for definite reasons to make this change. It is a good idea to be completely sure of all the benefits before making a decision. To help those thinking about switching we have laid out here the top five reasons to opt for e-smoking.

1. A Healthier Option

The first and biggest reason most people switch over to e-cigarettes is for the claimed health benefits. Although research is on-going and there are some campaigns by tobacco companies to say smoking e-cigarettes is worse than regular cigarettes, this overall does not seem to be the case. Without smoke entering your lungs and the harmful tar in cigarettes it is clear that an e-cigarette is the healthier option.

2. Refillable

It seems like a strange reason until you think about how great this is for the environment. Instead of burning away resources, the e-liquid can simply be refilled in the same device. Whether you are using an e-cigarette or e-hookah, the ability to refill from relatively small packages is a huge bonus.

3. Cheaper

By replacing your usual smoking devices with an e-cigarette or e-hookah you will be saving a lot of money. When it comes to e-liquid it usually cuts the cost of smoking in half. The most expensive part to vaping is the initial start up cost and batteries. If you work this out over a longer period, using e-cigarettes is much cheaper.

4. Making a Change

One of the negatives about cigarette smoking that doesn’t become apparent until after you have tried vaping is the lack of variety. Although tobacco can be flavored, the process is much more difficult and is pretty restricted. With e-liquid it is much easier to put in different flavors and to change the flavour to match your tastes on a daily basis. This free range has also inspired companies to produce more interesting flavors such as: fruit cereal, bubble-gum and nacho cheese.

5. Safety First

This may seem like the most boring reason to switch to vaping but everyone who smokes remembers a cigarette burn or a hookah tipping over. With an e-cigarette and e-hookah you take away any danger of fire as there is no need to light anything. It makes them safer to have around the house. Also without a battery children cannot use them, which prevents any unfortunate accidents that can easily happen with cigarettes.

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