5 Reasons To Use Printed Labels For Shipping

If you are in a business that ships products you must have some form of printed labels so that you don’t have to print a label every time you ship anything. This becomes more important during the holidays when many more people place orders online and expect to see that item on their doorstep or in their mailbox in a specific period of time. A good custom designed label is also one way to engage in business promotion especially if the label is an attractive one. Or if you send out documents you can choose to design a more sedate label which is a symbol of your business identity.

1) Accuracy For Delivery

Perhaps the most important quality that printed labels have is an accurate return address. This is important because there may be the occasion when someone mistypes their shipping address onto the computer form when they order a product. If the shipment is going directly to the billing address then most likely it will be accurate but many online companies send items to customers as gifts and choose standard shipping via the post office. Without an accurate return address if the shipping address is incorrect you won’t get that product back for re-shipment. Then your company loses money if that happens. Sure the post office can put out a tracer but that is an iffy situation.

2) Advertising Purposes

When you design your own printed labels you can include just about anything you want as the design or graphics of that label. So if you have a company label or a company saying you can include that n your shipping labels. Also you can include contact information such as an email address. Since often a printed label form has an area for the return address which of course is the business address then there may be a line where you then put the shipping address. But that label doesn’t have to be boring or dull. It can be in several colors or have designs or graphics that make it attractive and advertise your business.

3) Business Name And Logo Uses

When you are ordering pre printed labels the business name is the first line. But you can make it bolder or more graphic so that it is easily seen and if you combine other forms of label advertising it may also be recognized before the package is even opened. A more generic form of label is just a boring label so generate some interest with a custom designed label.

4) Time Savers

Pre-printed custom labels are time savers. You don’t have to print a label out on your computer each time you sell and then ship a product. This not only saves you ink cartridge money but it saves item and insures accuracy.

5) Budget Effective

Pre-printing of labels helps keep the category of labels within a budget. You already know the cost of the label and you save payroll if they are ordered bulk online and are on hand to use.