5 Simple and Quick Low Carb Snacks

Low carb snacks are in high demand by those looking to keep the amount of carbohydrate that they eat to a reasonable level. Because many common meal items like cereal or oatmeal for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch, or potatoes and pasta for dinner contain plenty of carbs, consuming low carb snacks is a great way to keep the total carbohydrate count down for the day. Even better, having simple and quick low carb snacks on hand will make it even easier so you can avoid the temptation of reaching for other quick snacks that you may be tempted by.

Here are 5 very simple and quick low carb snacks that you can keep on hand at all times to make sure you always have a good option right at your fingertips.


Turkey is the king of snacks for those trying to reduce carbs. That’s because it is very low in calories but very high in protein, so it is a fantastic choice for those who also want to increase protein intake without being subjected to a high number of calories that many other high protein foods contain. Turkey is easy to grab and eat all alone or add to any number of other things for a bit of zest. A snack of turkey with cheese does the job nicely.

Hard Boiled Egg

Another great option for a boost of protein without the carbs is a hard boiled egg. A single hard boiled egg is a filing snack that will keep your carbs in check, and eggs prepared in this way are simple to shell and eat at any time. You can even find these eggs on the road or bring them to work with you for an afternoon treat, so there is no excuse to eat the office treats that are always there to tempt you.

String Cheese

Any kind of cheese is a reasonable snack when trying to mind your carbs, but string cheese is by far the easiest. This is because it comes individually wrapped, it stores very well, is easy to carry, and simple to eat without a knife. String cheese also adds some protein which means you won’t be full 10 minutes later, and when you travel string cheese is one of the easiest snacks to find everywhere you go.

Celery and Carrots

If you like a bit of ‘snap’ in your diet then look no further than celery and carrots for a crunchy and quick snack. Celery is lower in carbs than carrots, but a mix looks nice and adds some variety. You can even add a small amount of peanut butter for the celery if you like to add some protein and stay full until the next meal. If you enjoy a crisp and snappy snack that is easy to keep in stock and take on the go, celery and carrots are for you.



Sometimes you just need a snack that is more like dessert, and sugar free Jell-O is the ultimate low carb snack for anyone looking for a sweet treat that will avoid the guilt that can come from other substitutes. Jell-O comes in lots of flavors and is easy to make. What makes it really easy, however, is that it comes in to-go packs. Even on your own it only takes about 5 minutes to make a batch, so other than waiting for it to set up you won’t spend much time on this snack.

It’s not hard to have simple and quick low carb snacks available at all times. If you stock a few of these top choices you will always be ready for a great snack without the carbs.