5 simple home remedies for acne

Many people suffer from acne problem. This is treated as a great problem by the youth. It is not that great problem. There is a solution for each and every problem. I have seen many people applying various creams, lotions and taking various treatments. I personally had the same problem and faced that for two years.

Now, my face is almost clean with no such problems and i do not even have scars on my face. I have never applied a single lotion nor taken any treatment. In order to get to know the reasons for acne, click here to read the article that i have written earlier.Here are the things which i did in my home and they are my remedies for you.

1.Drink lots of water:

Water serves a great medicine for it. The problem is caused because of the wastes that gets accumulated in our body. These wastes get converted into toxic substances and hence result in various disease like acne, stomach pain, gastroentrities, etc., So by drinking lots of water the body eliminates all those wastes out of our body in the form of urine.

2.Do not change your soap frequently:

I have seen many teen aged people changing their soaps frequently for better complexity. Certain things lead to this sort of problems. Because soaps are made of chemicals. If the particular chemical does not suit you then certain sort of problems like this, skin allergies, irritation and others arise.

3.Eat lots of fruits and green leafy vegetables:

Certain deficiency of vitamins and allies also result in getting this sort of problem. Hence eat a lot of green vegetables and fruits which supply the necessary supplements to the body.

4. Wash your face frequently:

Do this most of your time without soap. Only cold pure water is the better choice.

5.Avoid oily and junk food:

Oily stuff and junk foods like noodles are not good for your health as well as for your complexion. Try to avoid them to the maximum extent and you will be out of this problem. Because oily food gets converted into fat and there by comes out of the body in the form of pus throughthe pimples on the face if enough water is not consumed.

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