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5 Simple Steps to Remember when Driving a Tractor

Tractors are one of the most important equipments used extensively in farms. Tractors are highly effective when it comes to maintaining the farm and keeping it in good shape. Amongst all the different types of farm machinery, the tractor is the most effective in terms of utility and functionality. Tractor is a big and bulky machine, that’s not all, tractors are known for its robust nature and durability. Using tractors on farms, make the job easy and a lot more effective. So you can always use the tractor in case a certain job in the farm needs to get done within a short span of time.

But there are several important factors that you need to keep in mind when trying to drive the tractor. Since the tractor is one of the most complex types of farm machinery. So we help you remember the basic 5 steps that you need to know when attempting to drive it.

•Check the Different Parts of the Tractor – The functionality of the tractor is completely based on the working condition of the different parts of the tractor. So check and cross check the different parts before beginning the task that involves the tractor. This checking could be a casual walk around the tractor to see that all the parts are working just fine while the engine is turned on.

•Check the Tire Pressure of the Tractor – The tire pressure is one extremely important factor, not just for tractors but for any moving vehicles. So before you begin your work, it is important that you check the pressure of the tires. The pressure should not be higher or lower than the prescribed pressure, so keep that in mind.

•Inspect the Stabilizer Chains – The stabilizer chain is an extremely important part, fundamental to the working of the tractor. So you need to check that before starting your work with the tractor. The best time to check the stabilizer chains are when the tractor attachments are behind the tractor.

•Check the Parts and Components Under the Hood of the Tractor – There are several small yet crucial engine parts under the hood. So during the phase of your inspection, don’t forget to check those parts as well. Some of the crucial ones are the cooling system, the battery levels and the radiator. It is important that you inspect these components well because they are responsible for the smooth functioning of the engine and the tractor.

•Be Careful when Climbing Up the Tractor’s Seat – The tractor’s seat is on a high position, and climbing up on the seat is quite a task. So remember the steps that you need to put forward in order to climb up on your seat and be in the right position to drive the tractor well. Get a hang of the clutch, break, the steering wheel, the throttle and the other essential parts those are responsible for the control of the car. Driving the tractor is quite a task, but you need to practice that and get comfortable. Since when you think about farm machinery, the first and the foremost thing that comes across your mind is the tractor.

There is other basic safety measure as well, like wearing the seat belt before you turn on the engine to begin your work. Remember to follow this safety measure at all times, it is not for the proper functioning of the tractor, but for you to stay fit and safe.

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