News 5 Simple Ways of Boosting Your Fitness

5 Simple Ways of Boosting Your Fitness


Let’s face it, as far as our health, fitness, stamina, and general well-being is concerned, generally speaking, many of us are far from being in the shape of our lives. Waistlines are expanding, people are becoming heavier, weight-related illnesses are on the rise, and we’re simply not as fit and healthy as we should be. The good news is that people are finally realizing this and are taking positive steps to help address these problems head on – their lack of fitness being a prime example. If you feel your fitness is lacking and would like to do something about that, here are 5 simple ways of boosting your fitness.

Clean up your diet

When it comes to fitness and stamina, many people believe that the only real way of improving is with physical activity and exercise. In reality however, you can do all of the exercise you like, but if your diet is still poor and unhealthy, you simply will not make any real progress at all. For that reason, cut out unhealthy, processed junk food and sugary beverages and replace them with fresh, healthy, and nutritionally dense foods instead.


HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training is now hugely popular all over the world and is growing in popularity near day by day. HIIT is a fantastic method of not only burning body fat but also of improving health and physical fitness as well. HIIT requires individuals to alternate between slow and steady periods of exercise, to fast paced, high intensity periods of exercise. As an example, an individual may walk on a treadmill for 60 seconds, crank up the speed, sprint as fast as they can for 45 seconds, slow down and walk for 60 seconds again, and so on.

Weight training

Weight training is another form of exercise that is avoided like the plague by people looking to increase their cardiovascular conditioning as they’re worried they’ll build too much muscle, become too heavy, and simply look too big. The truth of the matter is that unless you follow the routine, diet plan, and lifestyle of a bodybuilder, you certainly will not look like one. What you will do however is burn calories, build lean muscle mass, and boost your metabolism which will help increase your energy and stamina levels.


If fast-paced, high intensity exercise is not really your thing, or even if you have injuries and general health conditions that prevent you from following these training programs, walking could prove to be a fantastic alternative for you. Walking is easy on the joints, it isn’t high intensity, and it will effectively burn calories and gradually build up and increase fitness and stamina levels week by week. As you get fitter you can increase the speed you walk, as well as the distance you walk. After a few weeks you’ll be amazed by the noticeable improvements in your fitness and stamina.


Another very effective method of increasing your fitness is to do more cycling. Rather than using the car to travel to the local grocery store, why not cycle there instead? If you live relatively close to work, when the weather permits, leave the car and cycle. You can even go out for bike rides with friends and family members at the weekend, perhaps to your local natural beauty spots. Cycling not only burns calories and boosts stamina and fitness, it also tones and strengthens the muscles, particularly those found in the legs and the core.

What’s your favorite way to boost your fitness?

 5 Simple Ways of Boosting Your Fitness
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