News 5 smooth ways on how to talk about divorce...

5 smooth ways on how to talk about divorce with kids


It is easier to agree than disagree. But we can learn a lot of conversations in which we disagree in our views, if we can listen and talk rationally.

Unfortunately, most either do not dare to show our disagreement or lose roles when things do not go as we like. These 5 tips can help keep disagreements in a constructive way, whether you’re talking to your parents, friend or any other person:

Do not make it personal. If you feel angry, remember that you are angry about the idea or concept that defends your parent (or friend, mentor, friend, etc..), Not the person.
Avoid despise the ideas and beliefs of another person. If you ever touched to receive the attack or contempt for someone, you already know how important it is to use respectful language and behavior. So instead of saying what you might be thinking (How stupid!), Try this: ‘I agree with that for this reason …’. Resist the temptation to yell, use sarcasm or derogatory comments, and so much more likely that you have to say is understood.
Phrases used in first person (me) to communicate how you feel, what you think and what you want or need. Speaking of the other (you) can give the impression that you are discussing. For example, tell your mom or dad ‘I always remember my chores on Wednesdays when you know that I have a lot of homework’ sounds very different than saying ‘I feel very overwhelmed because I have many duties today. I can do these tasks morning ? ‘
Listen to the other’s viewpoint. Listening well is a way to show you respect and understand the point of view of someone else. This will make it more likely to do the same for you. When the other person talk, try not to think about why you disagree or what are you going to answer. Instead, pay attention to what you are saying. When it’s your turn to speak, repeat any important respect the other person has mentioned to show that you listened and heard what he said. Then, calmly explain your arguments and why you disagree.
Stay calm. This is the most important thing you can do in a conversation. It is certainly a challenge to stay calm and be reasonable when you feel angry or excited about something, especially if the person you’re talking heatedly does. You may need to act like the mature person who can lead the conversation calmly, but the other is a parent or someone who should know better how to do it.

Of course, respect must not only be considered in difficult conversations. Be kind and considerate of your family members, teachers or school counselors in daily activities will help us (parents included!) To lay the groundwork for the times when we disagree.

 5 smooth ways on how to talk about divorce with kids
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