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5 Splendid Ways to Illuminate Your Bedroom via Bedspreads and Throws

We all want the best design for our bedroom since it is the place where we spend most of the time to relax and feel most comfortable at home. To enhance the look and overall ambiance of the bedroom, simply adding bedspreads and throws is a good trick. In this article, we will give some tips in choosing the right pieces in order to illuminate your room.

1. Play with Patterns

For throw pillows, you have all the freedom in the world to mix and match with different kinds of patterns. This makes most sense if you have a nude or single color of bed sheet, as the throw pillows on the bed tend to provide a striking contrast in a good way. Glitter, lines, sparkle, ruffles, shapes, and even character patterns will look charming. On the other hand, Pinterest-approved patterns like polka dots and stripes will win you over if you are the girly type.

2. Experiment Textures

It’s common to find the mattress or the bed as the centerpiece of the bedroom, so changing the bedspreads contribute a lion’s share in giving the bedroom a fresh, new look. Explore and experiment with different textures such as quilts, knits, and decorations will. Note that busy patterns may look best when complementing your personal style. As a finishing touch, it’s also a good idea to sew decorative ribbons or buttons on the ends of the throws and bedspreads and make the designs more coordinated.

3. Find the Right Color

Your favorite color may not always end up being the best color for the bedspreads and throws. Why not ask suggestion from your family members who will stay in the same bedroom? It is also a good move to look at the color wheel as a reference to know which color combinations make a dazzling presentation. Don’t worry if you happen to choose colors which are quite off beam. You can change and replace bedspreads and throw pillows every week, month, season, or whenever you want.

4. Be Creative with Fabric

Over the design, the material of bedspreads and throws matters a lot more when creating a sense of class and glamor in your bedroom, as it also affects your level of comfort. Cotton and natural fibers feel comfortable but often it’s silk and satin that are used to showcase more sophistication. You can also find inspiration from fashion runways and trends in the market for fabric selections. Don’t forget to consider the temperature of the season as this will affect the quality of sleep with these bed accessories. For warmer months, lightweight bedspreads are recommended, while thicker materials are preferred to be used during winter.

5. Go for a Theme

Who says you can’t have a beach-inspired bedroom? If you love to have a feel of the beach while you’re in the city and somewhere far from the shore, recreating your bed space with throws and bedspreads correlated to the colors of the beach sounds great. Think about the colors of the sunrise or request for personalized prints on the bed covers. To make the bed even more inviting and bright, pair blankets with throws and cozy up to color with a vibrant scarlet or teal hue.


If you do not want to shell out extra money to revamp the entire bedroom, it may be the ideal time to change your dull and old bedspreads and throws. Instead of splurging on new furniture and remodeling the area, you can try to make the look and feel of your room equally as enticing when placing cool colors, fabrics, and textures of bedspreads and throws. For a classic lush bed experience, decide between bohemian antique and modern minimalist. Live your passion for serious glow a vibrant glow in your bedroom by adding extra spice through these variations all the days of the year.

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