5 star AC: Your power saver

Our present lifestyle choices have made Air conditioners an inevitable amenity. Given the high electricity cost associated with the use of ACs, we are forced to look for power saver options in appliances. It is hence essential for us to know about the products available in the market that ensure both comfort and power saving. Life-span cost of an air-conditioner includes various parts like initial cost, running cost and cost of equipment maintenance. Cost considerations hence need to include all the factors leading to high expenditure. 5 star AC is a standard quality Air conditioners that adheres to the power saving guidelines by BEE (Bureau of Energy efficiency)

Why 5 star AC
Bureau of Energy Efficiency India has laid down certain guidelines for all electrical appliances. The star ratings imply the level of energy conservation achieved by the respective appliance. 5 stars is highest conservation rating given by BEE and that means the equipment is ideal choice for low cost AC usage.

The key motive behind this standardization is to instill the habit of energy conservation in daily power usage and inform customers of the cost saving potential of the labelled product before the purchase. It lowers energy expenditure and also reduces greenhouse effect.
Realizing the importance of energy conservation many electronic product manufacturers have launched energy efficient units for customers aware of the benefits of energy conservation. These specially engineered products not only led to reduced electricity bills but also relieve the user of maintenance and other related costs.
? Emphasis on air filtering
? Easy installation benefits
? Concern for reduction of heating losses and gas leakages.

Leading 5 star AC brands

Based on recent technological advancements the Pentastar AC, available in 13 variants provides many improved facility along with best power saving capability. The key features of Pentastar AC are:
? Enhanced heat exchanger technology with reduced losses
? Multi-jet technology for faster cooling and ease of installation.
? Corrosion resistant condenser to reduce maintenance
? Tropicalized rotary compressor for high temperatures
? High definition filters for dust and bacteria removal

Hitachi Ace or Kampa is the latest AC unit by Hitachi. Available in a number of designs and sizes they provide the user with fast cooling and convenience benefits.
? Enjoy every season with hot and cold technology
? Detect human body movement and hence smart cooling
? Uninterrupted cooling comfort

LG Inverter V AC significantly reduces power usage by more than 60%. The technologically advanced ACs aim at providing clean and fresh air. Key features include:
? Triple filter
? Allergy and virus safe filter
? Smart cooling sensors.

Points to consider
Buying a 5star AC requires knowledge of certain aspects of air conditioners and also of the manufacturer and his experience in the trade. Customer reviews and after sales policies also plays a crucial role in determining the final buying decision.
? Determine the cooling capacity of the AC being considered for purchase
? Preference must be given to a higher rating AC as the life time cost of these ACs are less and hence eventually are a profitable investment for the customer.
? The dimensions of the place or room where the AC is to be installed is to be kept in mind while deciding the capacity of the AC.
5 star AC must be purchased from a reliable brand that strictly follows the energy conservation guidelines as prescribed by BEE. It will also decrease your concerns regarding maintenance of your AC and increase its lifetime.