5 striking tips to lose fat and retain muscles

 5 striking tips to lose fat and retain muscles

In this article I will not present you a ready-to-use daily menu with the list of meals. I will explain the main principles that you must follow if you want to lose weight while maintaining your muscles. They are not complicated at all if you’re able to multiply 2 by 2.

1. Consume 15% less energy than you spend

This is the primary and the most relevant principle. Without following this principle, efficiency of losing weight will get low. You may ask why not 50%. The less you eat, the faster weight loss is seen. This is obviously the truth. But if you eat too little food, it is not only your fat to disappear, but your muscles as well.

Do you want to look like a “skinny fat”? When consuming 15% (maximum 20%) less calories, you will lose weight of about 1 kg per week. That is not bad. In 3 months you will get rid of 13 kg.

2. Eat often, but little portions

The word often means 4 – 5 meals a day. The fact is that the harder and longer your body feels hunger, the more it is “adjusted” for the storage of fat. This serves as a kind of adaptation to the environmental conditions. Those who eat once a day get a great belly, because the portion of a meal is usually huge.

3. Eat immediately after you workout

Regardless of whether you lose weight or gain weight, eat after exercise is necessary as soon as possible. Otherwise at every opportunity the body begins to save up fat again. Even if your workout finishes at 10 pm, you still have to eat!

4. Eat more protein

But what food contains more protein? How to count it? It’s pretty simple. The amount of fat consumed is reduced to a minimum. Energy contained in one gram of fat is approximately 2 times greater than 1 gram of protein. When reducing fat income, increase protein intake.

This comes out in order to keep your muscles and burn fat. As for carbohydrates: their number is not reduced. Otherwise, you will not have time to recover.

5. Consume food replacement shakes

An easy way to control your daily fat and protein intake is replacing one of the meals with 18 Shake proteins Cocktail. This shake is tasty and cheap; I personally recommend it for losing weight with pleasure. What can be more exciting that drinking a tasty cocktail and lose weight at once? Avoid forgery shakes; purchase them only on the official websites, like http://weightlosstop.com/.


Cut the diet at 15% – 20% of the daily calories consumption. Get rid of fat in the diet. Consume proteins shakes. Do not force your mortal part for a long period hunger. Eat at least 4 times per day. Lose weight! Good luck!