News 5 Things that Happen When Your Child Turns 18

5 Things that Happen When Your Child Turns 18


When people turn eighteen, they are mostly expected to be more responsible for their own decisions. They are looked upon by the society as not anymore mere children but as grown adults. Parents are often caught off-guard with the turning point not only on the emotional perspective but also on the legal side. In this article, we will talk about things that happen when your child reaches his “magical age” of adulthood.

1. Legal Rights and Responsibilities

As your child blows eighteen candles on the birthday cake, he is gifted then by the society all the rights and privileges and duties. For instance, he will have the right to vote for candidates elected in a term of service. As such, the decision power is strengthened as his choices add up to the consequences for the community, city and the country. In another vein, when he is charged with bad things, he will be amenable to be sentenced to court in the eyes of the law. He will no longer be immune from being sued for conducting Illegal activities. As a citizen of the country and under the law, he becomes a citizen who should be responsible for his actions.

2. More Freedom from Parents

Depending on the culture of the country, there are certain parental responsibilities that deviate. Mostly in the western part of the globe, children who turn 18 are set with freedom to live on their own. This is when parental responsibilities are lifted off on the part of providing food and shelter. The child now turned adult has to earn income for himself and protect himself from any harm. Support from the parents then will not be considered as a legal obligation. This is the time when 18-year-old young adults learn on how to be independent and see the world without wearing rose-colored glasses and instead stick to reality of life.

3. Debut Celebration

The 18th birthday marks the beginning of the official transition to adulthood. In the Philippines, most families celebrate this milestone by hiring debut catering services in Manila and preparing big-time for the event. 18 candles, 18 roses, 18 treasures and 18 gifts are presented in the gala with everyone cheering and wishing success, luck and good health for the birthday celebrant.

4. Medical Concerns

Parents usually count their children as dependents on health insurance. However, when the child turns 18, the policy states that the medical service would not be furthermore extended. Since the child has grown into an adult-child, the rule regarding medical insurance gets tad tricky. To cover emergency situations, it is ideal to have the adult-child subscribe to his own medical insurance especially if he encounters chronic sicknesses very often. Also, an eighteen-year-old has the right to consent all medical treatments even without the consent of the parents or the elders.

5. Finance Management

Getting a job will be something new and this will be a major transition in the life of a child. Whether your child is still studying and undertaking courses in college or taking an on-the-job training experience, parents should instill in him a sense of responsibility to manage finances. He will be expected to run his life through his earnings, rent his apartment and many more. Money management involves having to open a savings account, educating him about investment, the dos and don’ts of spending, etc.


Turning 18 is like turning a new chapter in a person’s book. It is okay to guide your child in the first few pages, but it’s also crucial to let him fly free and walk with his own feet. That is how he will learn more ways by using his own ideas and strategies to conquer the world. The key is to keep the lines of communication open and provide advice and guidance every now and then.

 5 Things that Happen When Your Child Turns 18
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