5 Things Your Friends Expect You To Know About Summer Hair Care

Loving the summer so far? Well yeah who isn’t? Except for maybe your hair a great time is being had by one and all.

Oh yeah, your hair.

You might not notice at first but perhaps your hair is already saying ‘too hot’, or ‘too sunny’, or ‘too humid’. So is your hair, or the hair of a ‘friend’, sending off that kind of vibe?

It might be if all of a sudden those precious strands have been breaking off one by one with more ending up in the shower drain than you can recall seeing before.

It might be if your once radiant strands look dishwater dull and would never be confused with patent leather.

It might be if the color you loved in June is now in need of some serious help in August.

Some Questions About Your Approach to Hair Care

Given any recent developments like that for you or your ‘friend’, let me ask you…

  • Do you regularly use a blow dryer to dry your hair – as in most every morning?
  • Have you recently visited the salon for a hair straightening or perming session?
  • Do you often take a brush to your hair or vigorously rub it with a terry cloth towel?
  • Are you overly fond of using hot styling tools to maintain the look of your long layered locks?

healthy summer hair

If your answer to any of these questions is a big YES, then as my site TerrificTresses.com would suggest, you should start toning down such damaging hair care or styling practices. I say damaging because although some of these can make you look great, they can also lead to accumulated damage to your hair over the long run.

All of which can be explained in large part by a simple summertime formula:

The sun’s heat + your styling tool’s heat = total hair damage.

Unfortunately the effects are majorly magnified if you engage in these harmful activities during the steamy summer months when you’re outside more exposing your hair to chlorine, wind, sun, humidity and all.

Of course you can’t help it. The allure is irresistible. Both to want to look good and to see and be seen. They don’t call it fun in the sun for nothing now do they?

Besides summer is the best time of the year for most of us. What’s not to like? Vacations. Time at the pool. Spur of the moment road trips. Picnics. 4th of July fireworks.

But your hair may not necessarily agree with you. Especially if you’re not pampering it all summer long as much as you might have been when your social calendar wasn’t quite so busy. You know, giving it extra special attention to make up for all the abuse it is taking in the bathroom each morning and then on the go each day.

So why not start taking care of your hair right now so both of you can enjoy the summer fun? To that end here are a few summer hair care tips to help make your hair, or the hair of a ‘friend’, much healthier.

  • Planning a pool party? Your friends would expect you to know that you shouldn’t bother getting your hair dyed before the big event. Otherwise the chemicals in your freshly colored tresses may react with whatever chemicals are in the pool. And the result? Not pretty. Your hair may go green, brittle, turn brassy or somehow fade out something awful. And I’m sure you don’t want any of these.
  • Condition often? You should you know. You should especially condition your hair more often during the hazy crazy days of summer. The heat and constant sun exposure can leave your hair parched. So this is the time when you so badly need to condition your hair. Plus it can’t hurt to deep condition your hair at least once a week.
  • Splitsville? No not breaking up but split ends. In this case your friends would expect you to suggest trimming your hair regularly to eliminate split ends. At the least take a good pair of hair shears and go over the ends carefully eliminating any the look a little rough and haggard.
  • Pool time? Here’s another pool tip to pass along. Get your hair wet with tap or bottled water first before diving in. That will make it less likely to suck up those nasty pool chemicals. Squeeze it damp when exiting the pool and then use a towel to squeeze it dryer still. Then during your daily beauty routine see if you can’t air-dry your hair more and blow-dry less.
  • Hair weighed down? Not surprising given where you’ve been and what you’re putting on it. Use a clarifying shampoo once every other week to get rid of product build up and to rid your mane of any toxic chemicals that have attached themselves to your strands. This is always good-to-know advice.

Once the calendar says it’s summer we turn the page and head for the great outdoors. Some seem to spend the entire season taking in the sun, beach or fresh air without a care in the world. Yet you too can join in as summer is that much easier to enjoy when you know your hair is happy and healthy too.

Image courtesy of marin at FreeDigitalPhotos.net.