5 Tips for choosing the right clutch purse

Clutches come in different sizes and styles!


Clutches are cool, stylish, fun and glamorous and they are perfect to store your essentials. No matter you go to a cocktail party or to a formal dinner, for a night out or a private party this bag is a girl’s best friend.It’s an important and visible accessory, which replace your all day bag. We will give you some awesome tips on how to choose the best clutch purse!

  1. Color is important

A black clutch bag should be your first choice because can be worn with any outfit. You can wear it during the day or at a cocktail party. If you want to go to a party and be more adventurous you should choose a silver clutch bag.

  1. Material should be qualitative

When you buy a clutch you need to choose quality over quantity, like always! It’s better to have just some beautiful clutches that last longer than those cheap ones. For example you can invest in a leather clutch, which is a statement piece for a lot of outfits.

  1. Size matters

The clutch purse should have the right size, so you can take with you everything that you want. If you have a small clutch don’t try to cramp to much in it, just take with you only the essentials.

  1. Some pockets

If you choose a large clutch it’s ok to have some pockets so you can organize your belongings. You can have an oversize clutch so it will replace your handbag on time.

  1. Clutch with a strap

A clutch without a strap can be inconvenient and not very comfy. It’s better to have a strap that you can attach to it. It will be more practical and easy to wear.

It’s important for every woman to know how to accessorize and the clutch bag is a main item when it comes to purses. What’s your favorite clutch from below?