5 Tips for Generator Maintenance

Repairing is more economical and affordable than replacement .A generator can lasts for decades if maintained properly. The robustness, sturdiness and consistency of a generator totally depend upon how it is maintained. It is very crucial to properly maintain the generator to increase its lifetime and to enhance its performance.Let’s discuss about some preventive maintenance tips to increase the effectiveness and longevity of your generator.

Tips for Generator Maintenance

Generator repairCheck the Oil Level
It is very important to check the oil level regularly as most of the portable electric generator shut down when oil level becomes too low. You can easily check the oil level with dipstick and you can also add extra oil to achieve the required oil level.

Check the Parts that May Need Replacement
It is very important to replace the parts that may be defective in order to properly maintain the generator. In the generator manual, the manufacturer provides the information about time period after which carburetor, spark plugs, air filters and spark plugs should be replaced.

Prevent Gummy Fuel
When you don’t use a generator for a long time then the fuel stored in the generator can become gummy and useless. You can add fuel stabilizer to the tanks if you don’t run your generator for a long time as fuel stabilizers can keep the fuel stable for up to 15 months. You can also try another effective approach in which you can run the generator under load for at least 30 minutes. Though in this approach, small amount of fuel is used but it is a quite useful approach to prevent the oil from becoming gummy.

Test the Batteries
The batteries of the generator should be fully maintained and charged in order to maintain the generator properly. You should always keep checking the current status of the battery to lessen the future problem and difficulties. The specific gravity level and electrolyte level of the battery should be checked regularly to avoid any deterioration.

Lubrication Maintenance
In order to maintain the generator properly it is very important to check the engine oil at regular time interval. You should also change the oil and filter at recommended time interval to avoid any hazards and maintain the disposal properly to avoid any environmental hazards.

It is very important to maintain the generator problem to decrease the repair costs and to avoid any future problem and issues. As we know that generator’s fuel, voltage and carbon monoxide can be dangerous to your life. So you always take the help of professional for your generator repair service. There are many companies that provide generator service so choose the best company for your generator repair service.